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  1. Scottfunk

    02 Cummins 1850rpm max

    @mossyoak71 Even after I got the ECM reprogrammed it still didn't want to stop. It would, just took some effort. I'm pretty sure I have also been battling a defective sprag clutch in the torque converter. I had the supplier send a warranty replacement, just waiting for time to swap it out...and rebuild the trans because the sprag being locked up scorched the trans fluid. Sucks but I'm becoming something of an expert on Allisons.
  2. Scottfunk

    02 Cummins 1850rpm max

    It really doesn't matter which trans you have. I originally had a manual ECM with my Ally. I got a real low stall TC and when I would come to a stop, as soon as the RPM's dip below 800 the manual ECM thinks it's stalling and adds fuel. If your tc is stock you'll probably be OK but if it's anything lower than that you'll probably notice the effort getting it to stop. The auto ECM is OK with about 765 RPM's in gear and stopped.
  3. Scottfunk

    Gear swap

    Yeah I know. But a lot of folks also don't know it can be done that way. From what I've seen unless an axle has been completely neglected there's no reason the r&p can't be reused. I found separating the bearings from the pinion and the carrier to be the most frustrating part of the job. This weekend I made a homemade separator otherwise I would've been unable to complete the job. I guess what I'm saying is some research and a little outside the box thinking can save a big pile of cash.
  4. Scottfunk

    Gear swap

    I dunno about that. I regeared my whole truck for under$200. I haven't gone for new bearings yet but when I junk yarded the rear gear I took all the bearings too, and the front gears I bought off eBay came with bearings. I picked forthe best ones, greased em up and let her rip. Now for a front driveshaft and I have to learn how to operate this cad thingy and I'll be ready for winter. Me thinks winter will be a rough one this year.
  5. Scottfunk


  6. Same size tires, 4.10 axle, but apparently Allison transmission is quite the different beast than the 48. I love the combination myself. My wife runs a thrift business on the side and she's always buying stuff from auctions. There's an auction house here that has tires often. I literally paid $13 for the set and mounted them at home by hand. If I knew what size I could ask her to keep an eye out.
  7. Guess I'll run the Chummy across the nearest cat scales this weekend. Frankly I have no idea whatsoever what she weighs. Front, back, or total. Thanks for that info. When my wife bought these tires for me they were used, and had a wear ring right down the center from being overinflated so I erred on the side of underinflation to avoid making it worse.
  8. Since were talking tires...I'm trying to figure out what the ideal pressure is but everything I read says check the door jamb. Problem with that is my Chummy is much more like your guys' trucks than what it was originally designed as. The tires themselves say 80psi max and right now I'm running 38. My contact patch is almost a whole square foot. I feel like a few more pounds would be easier on the fuel but if the trade off is premature wear then it's probably not worth it. What psi are you guys running?
  9. Scottfunk

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    What I'm looking for is the rest of the settings so I can start with a tune that works well and see if I can squeeze a little more economy out of it. All of this stuff: Power Levels: Timing Fuel Load Timing: Low PSI Timing Reduct: Timing Reduct Scaling: Light Throttle Timing Adv: Light Throttle Timing Load Limit: Timing vs rpm 1500: 2000: 2500: 3000: Timing Max: Wiretap Pump Stretch: TPS Pump max: TPS Pump Min Minimum Pump Tap Fueling Percentage: Pump Low Boost Scale PSI: Boost Scaling: RPM Limit: Power Reduction: 0 PSI %: 1 PSI %: 2 PSI %: 3 PSI %: 4 PSI %: 5 PSI %: 6 PSI %: 7 PSI %: 8 PSI %: 9 PSI %: 10 PSI %: 11 PSI %: 12 PSI %: 13 PSI %: 14 PSI %: 15 PSI %: 16 PSI %: 18 PSI %: 20 PSI %: 22 PSI %: 24 PSI %: 26 PSI %: 28 PSI %: 30 PSI %: But for the default tune. Like if you click on custom tuning and you have your own tube loaded you can see all the settings, but if you look at default it doesn't have an edit button. Perfect. I missed that somehow. Thanks
  10. Scottfunk

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    Does anyone know the settings for the default tune in v2 tuning? My truck runs amazing on level 5 with default tune and I'd like to use it as a baseline and monkey around with things from there but it doesn't give you that option.
  11. Scottfunk

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    I did some digging and according to nada your dodge ram trucks are around 6000lbs. By my calculations my Chummy is close to 8000lbs. Is that enough to make a significant difference?
  12. Scottfunk

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    That's why I went with the 4.10 gearing. I actually have higher cruising RPM's now. I wouldn't have thought 2cm wider would add that much weight but who knows. Sounds like I need to play around with the timing and see what I can come up with. If I ever have to start paying for my own gas I may have to find something smaller to drive. That'll break my heart!
  13. Scottfunk

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    Well I recently changed from 265/70/17 tires to 285/70/17 and my fuel mileage sucks now. I swapped gears from the stock 3.54 to some 4.10's and my cruising RPM's are actually higher than before. At 74 mph I'm right at 1960 RPM's, 24% load, and 9psi boost. I do like my level 5 and use that for my dd tune but I'm not using the custom tuning yet...I guess I'm fixing to learn how. My question is two parts: @Me78569 the custom flash you built for my truck to read the trans range off of the data bus, which vehicle do I select in the "select vehicle" menu? The engine is a 2002 non HO. I've read a couple times where you told guys their mileage could be adversely affected by having the wrong vehicle selected. And secondly, is it possible to build a tune that has plenty of power under acceleration but is easier on the wallet under steady rpm and tps? Fortunately I don't currently pay for my own fuel but I just don't believe in wasting. I would be surprised if I'm doing better than 12 mpg right now and it's 80-90% highway miles. Can someone suggest a base tune for me that won't be disappointing between stoplights or between fuel ups? Engine is mechanically stock, externals include FASS150, 5 inch exhaust no muffler or cat, quad of course.
  14. Denny's driveshaft sells the Dana 60, 30 spline 11.4" stub shaft for $85. I'm building a work truck not a crawler so I think 30 splines it's just fine. I'll be using a pair of those with the ttb 50 spindles, hubs, rotors, and lockouts. Total investment $270 without seals and bearings. Probably happen week after next. Let you know how it goes.
  15. Just realized I never posted a picture of the 285/70/17's I put on the Chummy. My wife picked them up at an auction for $13 so they're not exactly brand new but good enough to get an idea of how they look without paying for new ones. And good enough to help me decide to regear to 4.10.