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  1. Been a little busy this year. Haven't put over 1K miles on the 02 Dodge this year since I bought and started driving commercially a 2002 Ford E350 7.3 PSD 3.55. This year I have driven 112,325 miles using 5,870.389 Gallons of fuel for an average of 19.134 MPG. Average cost of fuel was 3.902 per gallon. I am by nature a conservative driver, most of the time with the cruise set at 60-62. These totals include one trip I pulled a tall heavy trailer from AR through TX to AZ and then back. Averaged 12 MPG for about 4K miles on that trip. 3.55 gear SUCKS pulling with a PSD. Totally different torque r
  2. I had this conversation with someone just a day or two ago. My buddy had a new Charger and he could not mess with the navigation while the car was in gear. And I hate government intervention also. But make it where a cell phone wont work when the vehicle is in drive. Just my .
  3. LOL... I just wanted to be like Mikey. He stuck a stick in and stopped his.. It's not locked up but it is really tight. This was replaced in the last 4 months. Wish I hadn't throw the old one away.:banghead: Wondering if in the cold weather I could take it off and see if my mileage came back up. Any thoughts on removing the fan in cold weather??
  4. I will be glad to swap fans with the Guru...:lmao:I was hoping he would chime in...
  5. Been trying to get back to the really good mpg's that I got about a year ago. In the last 6 months or so have installed new injectors, found a boost leak, and replaced the fan clutch. Truck runs better, has more seat of the pants power, but still cant get back to the 24-25 mpg --- Update to the previous post... I believe the fan is spinning all of the time. I know I can hear it when I take off. Could be the fan I hear or the fan causing the motor to work harder causing more boost:shrug:
  6. Last week went on an 1100 mile trip, 90% interstate, @ 60-65 on cruise and only got 17.9. Could here the turbo the whole time. I knew it was working too hard to just be cruising down the interstate. I was thinking about removing and cleaning the I/C. Then I saw that video and thought that might be my problem. If I cant figure out how to loosen it up the fan may end up in the toolbox.
  7. if I try to spin mine it will only go MAYBE a 1/4 of a turn.
  8. Replaced the fan clutch over the summer and have noticed a drop in fuel milage. Saw the video of Mike stopping his fan, got me to wondering, so I went and checked mine same as Mike. Chewed the end off a 2 x 4. Question is how do you loosen one up? It is not frozen up it is just really tight causing the fan to be under load all of the time...
  9. 5 & 6 aren't bad. It's the fuel lines to the pump that made me throw things....LOL
  10. I want to publicly thank you Mike for this forum and all the work you have put into it. I have needed to change the injectors in my truck for about a year and a half but I could not ever get enough ahead to make that happen at a shop (1200$). After ready this forum and studying as much as possible all the procedures I said screw it I am gonna do it myself!!!! Took me about 5 hours but I was quite happy that I managed to do it myself and it would not have been possible without this forum and all the members..THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):)
  11. THanks, was out there with a strap trying to get the two pieces to hold together while I got the clamp on. Would not seat properly and stay to get the clamp on and tight...Think I have it now:pray:
  12. There is a piece of cast aluminum that clamps to the intercooler pipe. Where that piece connects to the turbo. Is it supposed to be a gasket or an o-ring? Been outside playing with it, think I got the leak stopped but I was thinking it had an orange rubber gasket and all I saw was an o-ring....Hope the rest of the gasket if there was one isn't in the I/C..
  13. My turbo is leaking air underneath at the connection after the elbow!!!! Any one know what the part # or if I can get this gasket at one of the national parts stores. Thanks in advance...
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