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  1. I’ve done the WT mod as well and good new alternator can remember what noise is but it was low after all was done. I am leaning towards the vp44 on its last leg for a few reasons. 1) white smoke at idle 2) sometimes after working it hard, it will umm let’s say lope at idle. I did replace injectors roughly 1&1/2 years ago and for some reason I recall seeing a post from mopar1973man ( maybe mistaken) talking about low pop pressure and white smoke being linked? And maybe a failing vp44 being linked with white smoke. I’ll have to see if I can find it because I also re
  2. Just went for a test ride and it seems to be resolved but!! What are some things that come to mind if it resumes
  3. So I have been having some surging issues under light pedal. It will consistently do this on any program I have on my quadzila, but no issues when turned to factory? I just installed a timbo apps and when I had cover off there is a sticker on the VP44 stating remanufactured. I bought the pickup 4 years ago from original owner and he never mentioned that the injection pump was ever replaced. Did they come from the factory remanufactured? Just seeing if anyone has seen this sticker on a pump from the factory
  4. No I didn't lose anything per se. It was a bad shaft that got a nick in the metal that is ruining my output shaft and was over looked on the build. I knew about it back when it failed the first time but with my daily task of getting @MoparMom to dialysis I just resealed the shaft and told Ryan I would deal with it later. Now later is here winter time and things are slowing down I can send it in for a replacement shaft and new seals. What I meant to say " So you lost me here" meaning I wasn't tieing a power steering gear box together with clutch slippage or input shaft?
  5. So you lost here?? Yes I know you are 100% right I do need to change my gears and I will bite the bullet and do it, is there nothing that you know of to try as far as the clutch? or are you saying when final drive ratio is changed clutch might hold? Is there a benefit that you know of as far as stress reduction on other parts of the system that you gain when going to the larger input shaft? Thanks for the help
  6. So about this time last year I installed a Valair 13" Upgrade clutch supposed to be rate at 400HP and 900fts torque ( I dont think I'm there but I could be wrong ) and I had zero problems but maybe 2 months ago I went to pass a line of vehicles and bumped up the Quadzilla up romped on it and slip went the clutch. Now it will slip on any setting except stock when I get on it and progressively has gotten worse. So now I'm looking at going to a dual South Bend but before I drop a grand 1) Anyone know of anything I should try to get the current clutch to heal itself or so to speak cause I do
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