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  1. Vehicle: codie2379 Category: 2nd Generation Date Added: 2019-02-03 codie2379
  2. I have 7 x .0085 DAP I installed them new about 4 months ago, any idea what they would set the pop at? Auto-Meter Manual Boost gauge not a big fan of electronic gauges. I will down load app and start tracking Thanks
  3. So I finished up installing my Quadzilla Adrenaline with V2 programming and absolutely love it!!! Man I wish I had never wasted money on another programmer really happy with what it is capable of. But I do have a few questions, I have read Mikes programming info guide, but maybe I need some things in a more dumb downed version lol. But the more I read it the more pieces I seem to put together. Question 1) when I really get on it and hit 5 gear where it has a long time to pull hard, power fades in and out? The boost is like a slow pulse it basically wont hold say 30lbs it goes 20ish then spikes past 35 then back down and back up in lets say 1.5 sec surges. What would cause that? As far as tune it looks like this Pump Stretch 1200,TPS Max 100%, TPS Min 25%, Min Pump tap 0%, Pump Low Boost Scale 10 psi, Boost Scaling 30 psi, Timing max load offset 2, Low PSI timing Reduct 3, Timing reduct scaling 50%, Light Throtle timing adv 2, Light throttle load limit 25%, RPM Timing max 14 17.5 21 24 27, can Bus starts a 89 grows 1%to 8psi (97%) then grows by 3.5 through the rest of the scale. 1) I'm scared of timing because no head studs so I'd take advice!! I will say that the Smarty I was running on the fuel economy setting, seemed/felt to have an *** load of timing in comparison maybe? 2) I was shocked when I saw my boost gauge wrap all the way around past 35 and pin the needle at the 6 oclock position!! How do I control that? Whats too much boost with no stud? and I sure its a combination of boost and timing that I need to be conscious of? 3) How do I develop an economy tune when I live such a changing environment? Example I live at 3200 ft elevation at the base of the Blue Mountains in Washington, I work at a Dam on the snake river at 150 ft elevation dropping and pulling 3 grades all of them a couple miles long (two 7% one 9%) on my commute. So engine load is all over the place. Thanks for the advice
  4. Ok Ill put a ticket in, its only a monthm or 2 old thanks.
  5. If I unplug the high idle harness and plug the factory wiring into the sensors I do not get any codes, plug/hook up the high idle harness I get P0112 INTAKE AIR TEMP VOLTAGE LOW & P1693 DCT DELETEDIN COMPANION JTEC MODULE. Any ideas?
  6. I’m sorry Me but how or where do I find instructions to do that? I really appreciate the help man
  7. Hopefully someone can help me out I'm stumped, windows 10 machine follow instructions but on step 2 where the black box and count down should happen I get nothing? computer recognizes there is a device as it connects and disconnects about every 3 seconds but that's it. Any ideas??
  8. Thanks for the info I appreciate it!! One more question I noticed it has a high idle on it, will your high idle that I already installed interfere with it? Is the high idle on the quadzilla selectable meaning when I want it to high idle can I simply turn it on regardless of temps? Thanks a ton I really appreciate it Thanks I appreciate it 👍
  9. I am going to order a Quadzilla and would like some input from y’all. Options I see are 4K Adrenaline with Iquadbt for apple or adroid a non 4K model and a non 4K with control pod. What’s the difference between 4K and non 4K ? Android vs apple in reference to your phone preference or desktop? Advantages one way or the other? Anything else I should order when I place the order? Thanks a ton
  10. Very good info I’m glad I didn’t let my pride get in the way and keep me from asking my original question!! I whacked a slick head the other day doing about 60, Insurance finally squared up with me so I have a bumper on order, inner cooler, and radiator sitting in shop. Looks like it will be a lot easier to do this mod with everything out of the way. Really appreciate the info and help. FYI MOPAR1973MAN I installed your high idle kit yesterday works great glad I ordered it.
  11. What is the benefit to this mod other than haveing another open terminal? And thanks for the input and dripley that makes sense appreciate it
  12. Maybe a numb question but I can figure it out. Fuse box in the engine bay, 140 amp alternator fuse, there is a positive and negative lead coming from the batteries. Why am I not getting a good ground there? Would be a nice clean place but I can’t get a good ground!! Can anyone enlighten me
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