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  1. IBMobile, You, sir, are my hero. I need to get this printed up and get caught up in the shop so I can get this done before I need to drive this beast in the Spring. I've been fighting retarded amounts of snow accumulation this week. Thank you, thank you, thank you
  2. The Trailer has 2 axles. I don't recall what numbers the headlights are, I swapped in Jeep JK headlights. I would like to be able to run higher powered bulbs. I am not running the PDC to power the Cummins. I would like it integrated into the Ford harness and run the trailer circuits separately from the pickup circuits. I'm thinking have the PDC T'd into the factory wiring headed the back of the pickup and running a separate line from the PDC to the trailer plugs? I'm really not sure. Thank you for all the time you have put into this. I couldn't get logged in for a couple days and last week I was in Johnson Valley @ King of the Hammers.
  3. Does anybody know, are these the correct units to fit in the box? https://www.delcity.net/store/Metri-Pack-630-Terminals/p_811087.h_811088.r_IF3003?mkwid=PBVIJdu9&crid=11472933143&msclkid=7af404b73bb01239f5f858e348e092d4&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Shopping - PLA's(BSC)&utm_term=4577198187950686&utm_content=Ad group %231
  4. I kept the box because I wanted to incorporate it later. Now I need to find a source for the female ends that crimp onto the wires and snap into the box for the fuses and relays to plug into. It is not under the hood yet.
  5. Thank you for the diagrams Mike. Seeing how the fuse stuff hooks up helps a bunch. My ol' Ford doesn't have the blue trailer brake plug unfortunately. I wonder if I still have it from the Donor pickup. I'll have to look at what is left of the harness. I tried to keep the harness true to Ford when I did the swap. I did swap all the alternator stuff over the driver's side to match with the Dodge/Cummins section of the harness because I liked how it flowed. I think wiring the engine swap took the longest for me. I want to know how things work, so it takes me longer to get them done. I think I was probably making this too difficult. I was thinking that putting every function on a relay would be helpful, but maybe just fused is how it has to be? Everytime I've looked for a 2nd Gen Dodge wiring diagram it proves to be very frustrating. The ones that pop up in a google search are usually not the correct ones for what I searched. Even getting them from the Dodge garage in town is a pain. The 1996 book is missing out of their library. They don't like sharing the info either. I'm thinking that from now on I will just ask on here. Mike tends to respond fairly quickly. lol.
  6. Wow, thank you. I appreciate that. its really the fuse/relay box that has me stumped. I'm just not sure how to tie that in and make it work correctly. I really need a relay for the headlights, the switch just doesn't handle the load. I replaced it a year ago. When I drive it at night I have to keep the vent open to push some cool air under the dash or the switch gets hot. sketchy.....
  7. This is what I found. tekonsha Prodigy-wiring-generic.pdf From what I have found Ford Wiring colors didn't change much over the years. I hate wiring. If I have time to dive into it and focus on it I can enjoy it. I just don't seem to have much time anymore.
  8. I don't, but I'm sure I could find it on the interwebs. It is a Tekonsha I picked up at Jalopy Jungle. I only grabbed it because it is the same one as is in my Bride's Dually and I like how it worked. I have no idea if it is any good, but figured it was worth the $10. I'm sure its a 7 Pin plug.
  9. And Brodie at NAPA in Council is a stud of a parts guy. I buy 90% of my parts through him.
  10. Its the standard RV Plug. Isn't it 7 pin? The max electrical load will be an overhead camper. Mostly it will tow my 30' Big Tex Goose neck.
  11. Did you have the rest of the tools you needed? Do you have a new oil return gasket?
  12. Dooo it! As long as you have the tools and time, why not? It all adds to the adventure, and a turbo is simple enough to swap.
  13. I want to install a Goose neck plug in the back of my '71 F250. I want to do it through a separate relay/fuse box. I have been searching for almost a year for a write up on it or a kit or...…. So I thought I would ask here. How do I go about this. I want to have the electrical load separate from the main wiring to protect the main pickup harness. I have a 20' chunk of trailer harness and the plugs, a relay/fuse box out of the '94 dodge donor, and a brake controller. I also want to put the headlights on relays and have a relay for additional lights. Any guidance will be helpful.
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