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  1. Brent B3HH

    Brent B3HH

  2. I just got back from a " tailgate" BBQ in Lodi Ca. for the older Dodge trucks.
  3. "Trees of mystery" near Klamath CA
  4. yeah, in the above photo, I think the load "dwarfs" the trailer. it is actually a 14k Glad I asked about the "cool down". Looks like I will need to make a conscious effort in planning my fuel and restroom stops
  5. thinking about a test tow this coming Wednesday, towing a shorter distance (700miles to California) j a little heaver truck (around 10k) over an overall smaller incline..... going HWY 101 less than 2000', coming back I-5 and the Siskiyou's @ around 4300' I changed the oil and air filter. thinking i'll take it slow and rest the truck often. trying to get more comfortable for the longer tow in June owners manual says to let the truck idle after towing, before shut down...... Really? does anyone do this religiously?
  6. So, mine is an automatic does that mean I don't have the HO?
  7. You live in NC and haven't taken a photo of your truck on the BR Parkway? Sorry, not buying it.....
  8. So not an option with the auto? Confusing...... http://dodgeram.info/2004/load-tow/3500SRW.html
  9. Lets see your truck/s near local (or not so local) landmarks Here is my 04 at "Pacific City" on the Oregon coast near sunset
  10. Ok, now I'm not sure 04 or 04.5 my neighbor has an 03 and asked me if I had the "HO" motor. Not sure that either.... but then would I know the difference being stock and all?
  11. '04.5 goals.... HMMM, I guess to keep it pretty stock with a few upgrades. I am not looking to light up the world, just get to work and tow my hobby here and there. I just bought it 5months ago, it has 250k on it. things like a valve adjustment or injector replacement. not sure if it's worth diving in or having done. you know, I can wash my own car, but is it worth the $8. I would pay at a car wash in a fraction of the time? I realize it is a personal decision but, some things people say it's not worth the hassle. sounds like every one here is all for doing it themselves and that is AWESOME! thanks everyone for the replies,
  12. LOL, yeah on another forum a guy said the paint was "appealing"
  13. Thanks Mopar1973man, a ton of great info for me.The D&S rotors on the front,"cool factor" is not my goal by any means, I was under the impression they dissipated the heat better. in a world of upgrading everything, I wouldn't have thought the OEM would have been the way to go. ... guess i'll have to revisit that. thanks, I appreciate that. just a little bigger hill than the last 2 tows I did with the 94 (2wd, 5 speed, 360) up the Siskiyou's. that's one reason I bought the 04.... suppose i'll just stay to the right and relax
  14. Prone to cracking? I hadn't heard that. Guess I went that way cause it was suggested the OEM are prone to warping. Sorry, Pyro? You just spoke way over my head. Sounds like I need a gauge for that. (Truck is stock)
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