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  1. '04.5 goals.... HMMM, I guess to keep it pretty stock with a few upgrades. I am not looking to light up the world, just get to work and tow my hobby here and there. I just bought it 5months ago, it has 250k on it. things like a valve adjustment or injector replacement. not sure if it's worth diving in or having done. you know, I can wash my own car, but is it worth the $8. I would pay at a car wash in a fraction of the time? I realize it is a personal decision but, some things people say it's not worth the hassle. sounds like every one here is all for doing it themselves and that is AWESOME! thanks everyone for the replies,
  2. LOL, yeah on another forum a guy said the paint was "appealing"
  3. Thanks Mopar1973man, a ton of great info for me.The D&S rotors on the front,"cool factor" is not my goal by any means, I was under the impression they dissipated the heat better. in a world of upgrading everything, I wouldn't have thought the OEM would have been the way to go. ... guess i'll have to revisit that. thanks, I appreciate that. just a little bigger hill than the last 2 tows I did with the 94 (2wd, 5 speed, 360) up the Siskiyou's. that's one reason I bought the 04.... suppose i'll just stay to the right and relax
  4. Prone to cracking? I hadn't heard that. Guess I went that way cause it was suggested the OEM are prone to warping. Sorry, Pyro? You just spoke way over my head. Sounds like I need a gauge for that. (Truck is stock)
  5. Sweet! They truly DO have an app for everything..... Probably won't work on my "flip phone"
  6. Getting ready for a trip to Minnesota in June this year (1700 + mlles from home) going over I-90 /I-94. Bumper towing around 10k ( truck around 8k trailer 2k). my truck setup is a pretty stock 04, 3500. 2w, SRW, 48re, I do have a brake controller, new front brakes with drilled and slotted front rotors. No suspension bags Little nervous bout that Idaho/ Montana 6000' climb. Any advice? Do's/ don't
  7. Most impressive Mopar1973man, looking back, any of those not worth doing yourself again? I don't plan on doing many mods (I tend to lean more twords stock) what about " routine" work? I change my own oil and fuel filter, brake pads etc. but things like adjusting valves, injectors, ball joints etc. worth the time and effort?
  8. I realize it depends on your comfort, skill level and bank account and there are folks that do everything themselves. Shoot, If you watch "you tube" the sky is the limit (and some stuff is even accurate) I am new to the diesel world, have an 04 but, what make sense to have done vs do myself? Just curious
  9. Sorry bout that, no not stupid... I saw others check in like that and I followed suit. Owning a Dodge, i should know by now to lead.... not follow. Lol Thanks IBM, slumming in the creek eh? we make a trip first weekend in April to CA for a BBQ in Lodi Jag1 your in beavercreek also! Small world for sure! If you an IBM do get together, please remember to keep it down after 10p! I fall asleep listening to the news and can't hear it over that Music you kids play these days.... Right on! We'll have to do a local roundup some day.... and NOT in Portland! Was down there last weekend and my truck won't fit! Lol
  10. PH2500 What a great build! boy, sure do like that front bumper
  11. Vehicle: "B" series Category: Other Dodge & Chrysler Products Date Added: 2019-03-07 "B" series
  12. Jim, where have you been! you were on the P15 site a few years back and we lost you.. LOL glad to see you are still plugging along at the build (and doing an outstanding job!) not to hijack but, I was just up in your area (Lynnwood) in January picking myself up another to add to the fleet Keep up the great build! we are rooting you on!
  13. finally made it on here! I have a friend on here already who turned me on to you guys if my profile doesn't show it, I have a few Dodge trucks and recently bought an 2004.5 with a pile of miles on it.... little personal info, I don't drink, don't text, don't use Facebook, I am loosing my hair, my trucks are my hobby, my family is my life, my wife is a angel for putting up with me and my hobby, my friends are irreplaceable. I like to joke around cause life is two short. (but, the above is true )
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