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  1. If everything is working except the starter not engaging, also check the starter relay, and the clutch switch (if it's a stick).
  2. I had this happen about a year ago. The filter will be damaged, but not from heat but from soot. The inter-cooler works good at cooling the exhaust too, LOL.
  3. No orings. I would start by loosening then tightening the one(s) that is leaking. Seems like the one I always have leak on me is #6. The biggest pain to get to, LOL.
  4. P1689No Communication Between ECM & Injection Pump ModuleI had a buddy bring me his truck a month ago with this code and symptoms. His fuel relay was going out. I swapped it for...I think it was his horn relay, and he hasn't had any problems since. Easy one to try anyways.
  5. What is clicking? The starter, or the relay? If it is the relay, check the main battery connection at the PDC, make sure it is clean and tight. If it is the starter, make sure the battery cbles are tight and clean, at the batterys AND the starter.
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