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  1. It sounds like you need to replace your damper. It sounds like that is going to be a pain where a pill won't reach, with your set up. AND... You are right about the cheap Chinese steel. I can't believe that we have fallen this far. Can't even buy an American made damper!!! Respectfully, I have to disagree with you about the bombs. If they were recycled U.S. bombs they would last a long time because they would be made of Pittsburgh steel, some of the best on the planet. Good luck. (I can smell the smoke from your stuck damper)
  2. I had my drivers seat recovered back in January. The upholsterer just sold the last bit of orignial material for the Dodge seats that he had. (isn't that the way it always goes?) He said that the manufacturer went out of business and there was no more available. He was able to order a material for me that was so close that you had to look really hard to see the difference. The little red spots on the original material was a pinkish color instead. I did the drivers seat and the material part of the door panel and left the passenger side stock. No one could really tell the difference.
  3. ---------------SOLD-----------I am selling my Smarty S-03. It's about 6 months old and is ready to install. I have a Paypal account if you want to buy it that way.It is for the 1998.5 - 2002 Cummins. Can email a picture upon request. Price $450I also have a new/unused 2" leveling kit from Hell Bent Steel for $35.A shortbed Extang Tonneau cover that is about 6 months old. $100And a Leer shortbed fiberglass cap (Dark Red) for $100
  4. There is a huge difference in the quality of paints, and most importantly clearcoats. There is a good grade at $360/gal. Mid grade at $180/gal.. The cheaper material is somewhere south of $180. They all look very similar when first applied, it is later that the differences appear.Also, there are single stage paint jobs (which you may have gotten) which is enamel paint, shoot the enamel on and you are done. Not very durable in sun and weather. Urethane, which is the hardest and most durable paint available currently comes factory on cars today. It is a base coat/clear coat application and called two stage paint as you spray the base (color) on and then shoot clear over that. I am sure there is a body man on here that could elaborate better than I. I hope this helps someone who is paint job shopping to be a bit more educated.
  5. I can affirm Dripley's vote on the Glowshift deal. Cheap is good,,, and that is all I will say about that. I have the Isspro fuel pressure gauge, mechanical with no islolator, well it had the islolator but that whole isolator deal is another thing I am trying to forget about. It has made a nice paper weight on my work bench to remind me how I didn't listen to the M1973Man, Dripley and others on here.
  6. A dump bed would be nice. I have a dump trailer. It is very handy, and I don't have to worry about changing trucks.
  7. Well I set the Smarty on level 3 for a tank full. Fuel economy went from 16.6 to 17.7, (hand calculated). It got 17.6 stock. More power and more responsive. Overhead computer said I was getting 20.5 mpg. I filled up and set it on level 4. I have ran about 100 miles at this level. It might just be me but it doesn't seem quite as peppy at this level but it still runs better than stock. The overhead is reading about 15 mpg. The truck's MPG computer was dead on accurate before the Smarty, not anymore with it. I will let you know what happens at the next fill up.
  8. Good paint is expensive. A good base coat/ clear coat job being done without a color change or body work (in my area) will run around $2200, that is, provided it isn't red. Red paint is very expensive. Recently a friend of mine painted a Mustang, he had $940 in just the paint, clear coat and sealer. The enamel jobs are okay however the new urethane paints that are on the newer vehicles today (ours included) are far superior to enamel paints in hardness, durability and shine.The old saying "you get what you pay for" applies when it comes to paint. There are also many grades of clear coat. Higher cost clear lasts longer and is harder.
  9. The HY's wastegate was frozen on my truck when I bought it, when I replace it I ended up with an HX. I know it is larger, however I couldn't tell the difference between the two in power or MPG.
  10. I am sure it is on level 1. It is a bit more responsive than stock, and maybe a tad more power, but not much. It just seems to pull away from a stop a little quicker. About once a week I will run it wide open throttle to exersize the wastegate and it does blow a little bit of black smoke but not much. It wouldn't smoke at all in stock form. Fuel economy before Smarty was 17.6 summer and winter (that is with a whole lot of short trips here on the farm) and 20 Highway.With the Smarty on level 1, 16.6 mpg, and 20 highway.I will try level 3 and then 4 and see what happens, but I need to see if I can locate the instructions online. The guy I bought the Smarty from lost them. Pepsi, the exhaust gas temps have been reasonable, in fact i cannot get them over 1075 degrees no matter what I do. That happened while pulling a trailer full of hay up a steep mountain and trying to keep it from downshifting. (I would love to have a manual transmission) I was trying to get the temps over 1000 degrees as Mike (Moparman) advised me that this would clean up the carbon. It was over, but not much. I am sure the higher levels will make this easier to achieveThanks for all the input guys. This website is nice.
  11. No, from stock. It has never had anything on it before. I thought about going to a higher level but have an automatic transmission and don't want to kill it.Do you think a higher level would do better than the fuel economy setting? I only bought the thing to save fuel. More power is nice, but with an automatic it could get expensive, don't want that.
  12. I bought a Smarty about 2 months ago. I have only used it on the number 1 (fuel economy) setting. I lost 1 mpg. It does run a wee bit better, but with the price of diesel being what it is I am considering taking it off. I was disappointed as I have heard so many say that they help fuel economy. Has anyone else had this experience?Oh, and I should say that I am not running it any different than I did before.
  13. I went through the same low pressure deal with mine until I got rid of the isolator. That was a mistake to install for me.
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