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  1. Yup a snap ring. If I remember right, in the over drive unit.
  2. It doesn't really matter, if your pulling the box replace both of them.
  3. I have a skid steer and a Polaris ranger. I would rather plow with the ranger. Works great.
  4. What causes this? I get it a lot sometimes and none other times.
  5. Thanks, I really liked the TST box that I had.
  6. I have a 02 6 SPD. Has 150hp injectors and boost elbow. Truck runs great but once it hits about 30 psi boost it stops adding fuel, just like a light switch. Do I need a boost fooler? I had a tst at one time and don't remember my truck doing this. Thanks Adam
  7. I use power service all winter, maybe I should start running 2 stroke oil to?
  8. Where at in central pa? I am near state college.
  9. Take the pitman off and move it. I think it will go on 4 different spots.Sent from my DROID3 using Tapatalk 2
  10. I use a 6637 filter too. Seems to work great.. Willm, the bracket looks like it works.
  11. Yea the 47 and 48 trans seem to go in to overdrive and lock up pretty quick. Dont know of any way to adjust it without affecting all of the shifts.
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