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  1. crazy fuel pressure & engine speeds

    It used to work though. If iQuad uses the rpm/trans/diff/tire size settings to calculate the speed it'll always be correct if you set it up correct. If you use the ABS to get the speed it will be correct if the ABS is correct. Right now iQuad is never correct. If i'm using defaults or I set everything to match my truck, it's always 10-15mph higher. Usually ~13mph. Maybe a setting to pick how you want speed displayed, calculated vs abs. Regardless, if you set your vehicle info it should work. It might have been 0 when it worked, now that you mention it…
  2. crazy fuel pressure & engine speeds

    Strange. I tried the same thing today to fix the speedometer but it didn't work. The app still shows me going about 13 miles an hour fast
  3. crazy fuel pressure & engine speeds

    In the squad app? It's likely the default right not but I've changed it and it made no difference. It was set to my tire size before I updated to 2.7 i think 106.5"
  4. crazy fuel pressure & engine speeds

    only if i restart my truck while driving
  5. crazy fuel pressure & engine speeds

    Thats how I have the FP sensor setup Diesel, I just double checked. For the vehicle speed, It's something with the newer update, like I said if I restart the truck while driving it suddenly shows the correct speed in the app. My dash is correct, I took it to the dealer to get calibrated when I changed my tire size to 285/75/17.
  6. crazy fuel pressure & engine speeds

    Mother F…. I have whatever came with the sensor from quadzilla. I had hoped that would protect it.
  7. crazy fuel pressure & engine speeds

    Although hmm maybe it opened itself up a little more…
  8. Since I updated to 2.7 my engine speed has been off. It changes, but it's about 15mph higher than actual. It's not the app as I tried downgrading it and it made no difference. Around the same time I saw my fuel pressure was 16-18 where it had been 12-14 before. I thought maybe there had been a bad connection and plugging the plug back in showed a more true pressure reading. Today I was taking my son to daycare and it showed 60psi as my fuel pressure. That scared me a little so while driving I shut the engine off for a sec then keyed it back on (manual trans) and it started running again. The fuel pressure didn't change but I noticed my vehicle speed was correct this time, and stayed correct the rest of the trip. After I got to work I shut off the truck and turned the key to run without starting, the fuel pressure showed as 30, then 44 when I turned it on. Just now an hour later I did the same thing it read 4 & 18psi. Any ideas why it would read like this?
  9. Eh I'm keeping it for now just have to figure something out, it's rooted so I could edit the files directly or something. Would be nice to keep the import button around for android users since iOS has nothing to do with it No, my speed is off in iQuad but the dash is 100% correct. I had the speedo calibrated for my tires by the dealer. It's the newer flash I believe. I went from last July's or August's flat to January's and it was off. I updated to last week's and it's still off. I downgraded the app to .29 and it's still off, so something is wrong with the iquad reading the speed :-(
  10. Yeah but how often is it at WOT? It's about a 600 PSI higher baseline pressure behind the VP to go from 305-350 bar. I was just wondering if anyone thought it would wear it faster
  11. High amp alternator

    This was acid-free solder too, right? You may have problems down the road. Solder is not that good for electrical connections that move/vibrate a lot. The solder becomes brittle after a while and you get a bad joint, or the copper strands bread at the end of the solder. Cables like this should be crimped for the best connection. You can solder after if you want, but a good crimp fuses the copper together so tightly that no solder can get in anyway. You can get a cheap 20T crimper on eBay, just be careful you don't crimp too hard and blow out the slave cyl seal ;-) http://www.eevblog.com/forum/projects/crimp-*and*-solder-a-crimp-connector-good-bad/ https://hackaday.com/2017/02/09/good-in-a-pinch-the-physics-of-crimped-connections/ I went through a lot of this when I looked at my battery cables and under the insulation was a green dusty mess. I stripped back the insulation until it was clean wire (4-14") cleaned the copper with some vinegar, then baking soda solution, then dried it, normal heat shrink, crimped on solid tinned copper heavy duty lugs, then 2-layer heat shrink to keep any&all water out. I got some solid zinc battery terminal adaptors to put on the lugs: https://www.waytekwire.com/item/36375/2-0-GA-Battery-Lug-Terminal/ I had a NOCO TZKIT3 but I don't see it on amazon anymore, here's the same. Lead free! http://www.prime4x4.com/shop/c/p/Military-Battery-Terminals-sku-MilTerm001.htm No, but if the water is evaporating, you are doing something very, very wrong. A regular battery can't be discharged like an AGM either. I needed AGM for work where electronics run for a few hours at a time or longer, and this battery has done well even in the below zero days, although I started plugging in the truck for 2 hours to give it a hand. Equalize charging? Shouldn't be needed although there is 1 brand that recommends it, and at least one that says do not do it: http://shop.pkys.com/Battery-Equalization_ep_44.html That said, I'd still rather replace an AGM after 5-8 years and have 0 corrosion issues, a new set of battery cables is like $200 or more done right
  12. High amp alternator

    If you have access to Sam's Club, they sell about the best batteries you can buy. The Duracell line are rebranded Dekka/East Penn batteries, the only ones left that are still make 100% in the USA, from smelting to finishing. I shoved a group 10 AGM in mine, it has 800CCA/1000CA and 210 min RC. RC is how long it can supply 25A of power (average vehicle draw) before dying. So my single battery can supply 300W of power for over 3h. It doesn't fit quite perfect in the battery box but it's in there ;-)
  13. Soapy water in a spray bottle works for just about all gas leaks. Used it to verify no leaks in my new natural gas pipe, find tire leaks, etc.
  14. How to these higher pop pressures affect the VP44? I realize it's a very high pressure unit, but do you t think the extra fuel pressure in the lines after a pop will have a negative effect on it long term?
  15. I'm on android 5 (cheap amazon fire 7" tablet) and it won't link to the iquad app so i'm stuck. Also something is misreporting my vehicle speed 10-15mph off, but I need to track that down, I had my tire size and driveline in correct and it used to be fine, but either a newer flash or app is getting it wrong