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  1. Actually now that I think about it the white smoke burned my eyes. And it would dump a lot like I couldn’t see the road from my house which is about 30~ away from where I was revving it up
  2. I’m not too certain on the white smoke anymore as it’s been too long I can’t remember. the scan tool is from autozone I believe. It allows me to check pid’s dtc’s and some other stuff as well, the edge cts2 monitor also has a code reader feature as it plugs right into the obd2 port. as per the holifex sensor or what I assume that is. It has two wires that go from the back center of the pump in between all the injector ports and they are the top set of wires that go into the control box. The two wires directly below them looking at the control box are the ones that dry rotte
  3. @Mopar1973Man Hello , my name is Eric I’m new to this whole diesel thing so go easy on me I’ll try to giv as much info as I can. I bought this truck beginning of February and it needed some much needed tlc the kid that had it before me left it it kinda rough shape. I replaced a lot and a new coat of paint and some body work to fix the rust, new lift pump and a new tuner with a monitor to top it off. (Edge juice with attitude cts2 monitor). Recently I’ve had some issues I can’t quite explain , a couple of weeks ago the truck would act like it was in limp mode it was almost like
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