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  1. Bobsled


  2. Ok, update here, the code went away after I cleared it with the Smarty. I put in an excessive amount of 2cycle oil in every tank. If the VP dies, I will do the next one myself. I just ordered four gauges from Hewitt, EGT, Boost, fuel pressure and trans temp. Wondering if I should have ordered on of their duel fp gauges to take readings at two different points? I want to bump my power up and tried the Smarty #3,4,5. I feel like the #1 has more low end to me. This is a daily driver on 40 miles of highway each way and I am getting 17-18 mpg. The truck has full 5" exhaust with muffler, Wix Bhaf an
  3. Hopefully the incompetent boobs that did the pump will pay to have it fixed where I live. Just a day or so after said boobs installed the pump the thing was spraying fuel all over under the hood. They failed to show up on appt. the first day as promised and took a call and an *** chewing to get them to come out and tighten whatever said boobs failed to tighten when they installed it. Hope they make good on this as pump is less than a month old and the new Fass Titanium replaced an older Fass Titanium out of caution. Sadly, this wans't done by a backyard mechanic but a large diesel shop in
  4. Yes P0216, I run a quart of 2 cycle in every tank. The pump was replaced a week before I picked the truck up. The lift pump the day before I picked it up... The previous owner had a diesel repair shop replace both, the vp44 leaked the same week it was replaced and the shop did a house call to fix the leak. If this is the case I suppose it will go back from Lincoln, NE to St. Louis Mo to have the shop do it over as it was less than a month ago and $2200 dollars his cost including labor.
  5. Not trying to hijack this thread but my new to me truck shows an injection pump timing error. New lift and injection pump, could this be the S03 software installed causing the code or am I screwed as well? Truck runs perfect but code still there. Sorry if it seems I am hijacking, but this post caught my attention due to injector pump timing code.
  6. Biggest regret was selling my 1977 PW that had a 340 factory replacement engine in it out of a 1973 who knows what car. Should have pulled that 340 and installed a 318 or 360 because we bought a 1973 factory 340 Dart sport a few months later minus the 340... Stupid is as stupid does I guess! Only thing wrong with that 340 in the truck was a broken off motor mount ear. Stupid stupid stupid and I can say it before anyone can call it. The Dart Sport will be getting a stroked 400 when the boy earns the $$ to continue with it.
  7. My truck has a two pillar pod, both egt and boost gauges are toast. In my new to the Cummin's world mind, I think I want EGT, fuel pressure and trans temp and boost as first gauges. My 2000 24v has a new Fass titanium, new injector pump, running Smarty #1. Would I be better off with the electronic reads it all or should I install all new mechanical gauges? I don't tow or beat my truck but I want it to live a long life. This is a daily driver which sees a couple miles of crappy roads then 90 miles of hiway 5-6 days a week. Advice from people with similar situations would be much appreciated! Mu
  8. My neighbor hauls sixteen big rounds 40 miles to feed his herd. He swears by his v10 Ford, aside from the gas money it takes per trip....
  9. Bob here from the Midwest USA. I recently traded my Bobsled (2011 Challenger RT 6 speed car) for a nice clean 2000 Ram 2500. The Challenger was fun in town, but now I live in the sticks and as fun as it was, I couldn't make it of the 1/4 mile lane to the mile of unkept county roads in the sled, not to mention being attacked by rocks the entire way to pavement, if I made it to pavement. This is my first Cummings powered truck, have owned over a dozen 70's Power Wagons and Ramchargers, and one 2005 F-250 6.0 liter SD. I must say that I am overly impressed by my new to me Dodge. I have been a Mop
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