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  1. Thanks for the advice! I can't help but feel I'm about 20 years late to the party 🎉
  2. I'll bet your left leg is in a LOT better shape than mine! 😉
  3. Hmmm..🤔 could it have anything to do with the super tight trans.& Stall?
  4. So if 22 is kinda high for cruise load can someone tell me if 27 is high for idling in gear?, (up to temp)
  5. I usually drive on level 2-3 . I think 22 for load is about as good as it gets cruising, I usually see it bouncing from there clear up to close to 30
  6. So the you can't change the load with quad, just adjust quad to load? It's hard to find a flat mile around here plus head winds and all lol! Here's a screenshot of mine going down the road, best I could tell was cruise state, ( not sure how to tell) cruise control on, steady as possible, easier said than done, when I see people talking about going in and out of cruise, that means changing rpm's and?? Here's what I have it set at. See anything obvious to change? Thanks! I'm assuming that check engine light is just one of th
  7. I think I ment to say load also, wanted to see the difference on those parameters. trying to get this suck a.. mpg thing figured out and want to see if quad is actually making a difference in load. Too bad a instant mpg guage couldn't have been built-in would make life so much easier.
  8. Again, thanks I got it, it's just that toggling to zero when it was warmed up an having high idle turn on took me by surprise, I didn't know that was a thing, along with the check engine light that's still a mystery, they seem to be connected somehow. My delay was already set to 30sec. I wanted to run stock to see if my cruise timing was any different without quad, then this whole thing sent me into a tail spin.
  9. Thanks, I had to read that 3 or 4 times before it finally sank in LOL. I think I understand what you're saying, we can have high idle on demand whenever wanted, or not wanted in my case, did I miss that in "Instructions", or just a inside trick? I think that was the first time I actually ever toggled to zero? I guess the only other thing that threw me for a loop was when it threw that code the exact same time it went to zero/ high idle mode... Bazar! Thanks again!
  10. Just a little video showing I'm not seeing things, ....or am I? VID_20210221_135448_1.mp4j
  11. Very odd, I go out and pull ECM fuses to clear lamp, start and warm-up, everything seems good. I toggle to zero and no high idle, no CEL. Now I turn off and on and try again, now idle shoots up on zero but no CEL. Do this several times and like every other time it doesn't go up. At least the annoying light isn't on! Not sure if I should be concerned or just never use zero? I'm assuming it's not normal for idle to go up under any circumstances once engine is warm. Is it just me or does this thing seem glitchy? Thanks again for any ideas.
  12. Thanks for responding, I typically leave mine set to 140* level 2-3 also, the only reason I toggeled to zero is I was going out to see if I could get my cruise timing figured out again for MPG economy tune and just wanted to drive stock to eliminate quad from equation for baseline. So, truck is parked, was warmed up, already went threw warm-up, high mode, (160*?) and was idleing normal, I toggle to zero, my idle shoots up and lamp comes on, toggle back to level 2 and idle goes back down, I go into settings and turn off high idle, toggle back to zero, high idle returns..... strange??
  13. So I was out fiddling with the quad yesterday and set to level zero, my idle shot up to a little over 1200, basically high idle mode and instantly set off engine light. Truck was already up to temp. I could toggle back and forth and everytime I got to zero idle would shoot up, above zero it would go back down. Code was 0500, 1693 (ABS code?) Something similar happened a few months ago with that code and quad and me78569 promptly jumped in and assured me that was impossible! Well I'm here to tell you it is! I thought it worked itself out with that code awhile back, but here
  14. I for one certainly understand that statement! I'm new to diesel's, new to tuners, I really appreciate the work people like moparman, me78569 are doing for iquad, but for someone like myself, for the most part I don't understand 75% or more of what their saying, really wish there was a iquad school for dummies LOL! To me it almost seems like when reading the instructions they're talking to professional tuner's? (Moparman, I hope you keep that in mind if you calab with them) my self esteem can only handle so much asking questions and sounding like an idiot. I just got mine a coup
  15. I am kind of a slow learner, but I'm still having a hard time equating why using the fuel basket makes the fuel overheat?
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