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  1. Thanks for all the replys, I guess I do have one more question on this ground mod, I get the whole mopar ground wire nonsense and sorry if I missed this somewhere. But why are we not using stock pdc alternator positive location? I wasn't blowing fuses there, if I continue to have issues with this breaker I might consider going back to that?
  2. Thanks hdpwimonkey, I almost ordered that one but decided to go for the "blue sea system" , a few bucks more, seems to be identical to that buss? But also had prime, just installed and so far so good. P.S., glad to see the sight back up, someone had a fun couple days!! 😵😥 (Mike)
  3. Thanks Dripley, I can tell you the breaker I bought is a cheap Chinese, (zookoto?) Might be the problem?
  4. Hey all! So I thought I had this w-t ground mod in the bag, haven't been driving it much but today I decided to drive it because I'm working on the Buick. So now I can't get two blocks without popping 150 amp breaker. Like I said I haven't been driving much really but the only thing that's changed since I did the mod a couple weeks ago is I just recently installed quadzilla, not sure if it's got anything to do with it? I thought of just unplugging quad, but will it even run right?? Plus having quad installed doesn't make sense why the breaker is popping anyhow.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, I think I will move my fuel pump wire to that terminal! As a side note for anyone that remembers the mystery issue with truck dying when put into gear cold, today it didn't, Wow! The weather is pretty warm though so I'll keep my fingers crossed, definitely seemed to help. Trans shifts smoother and NO MORE HUNTING!! Should have done this a long time ago.
  6. IBMobil, thanks! Not sure why that little tidbit is left out of instructions? Not exactly common sense for us electrical illiterate!?😉 Donkey One more question for anyone out there, One step l saw mention of that I've skipped up to this point is a cable between negative battery terminals? To balance charging rate? Can anyone confirm if this is worthwhile? Thanks! Don
  7. I think I figured it out?, breaker was tripped , even though it didn't look like it? Will go for another test and see if it trips again. But still haven't figured out if anything goes back were that alternator cable came off, I'm assuming it doesn't. So far so good, no more converter lockup hunting, hooray!! I'll be curious to see what else it cure's, (cold start dying when shifted into gear) I guess sometimes I just need to talk to myself.
  8. Thanks Jag1, So... Once original cable is removed, ( the one from alternator closest to windshield in in pdc box) nothing goes back on there, other than maybe the old nut? And leave original cable from drivers side battery on,(the one closest to battery) Thanks again! Donkey Something screwy going on here! Just went on a short test drive, alternator/battery gauge seemed to be lower than normal,11-12, then truck started making a horrible whining noise and check engine light came on, I hightailed back home and whining noise seems to be coming from transmission? Re
  9. Thanks, that's understandable, but I should have emphasized my main concern is, Question: NOTHING gets reconnected to pdc?
  10. Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, I'm doing the w-t ground mod and I'm a little stumped on the alternator charge wire. Maybe it was explained somewhere but I'm just not seeing or overlooking? So, we unhook the original charge cable from alternator and pdc and then just have a short cable from alternator to passenger side battery with a fuse/breaker inline? Question; so no cable gets connected back to the pdc? Why go to the trouble of disconnecting it at pdc and completely removing it? Just cut it and leave it? Am I missing a step? Thanks for any help on cl
  11. Thanks for all the info! Maybe a quad in my future?
  12. Thanks Moparman, I appreciate that and totally get how the quad is more versatile, assuming it's also durable, but back to the gauge thing which I'm sure most would agree should be priority first. Get the quad and deal with gauges it comes with, and possibly get real gauges later? Or prioritize getting real gauges and get quad later? Sorry, not asking for anyone to make decisions for me just want to make best decision possible. Then on top of that might have to buy injectors and or?! 🤯 I know, welcome to the diesel world, lol
  13. Thanks for all the info guys! But like I was saying, I was going to start with gauges and was kinda led down the edge monitor path as being great choice and a good compliment to the comp box once I'm ready for that investment, but after lurking around here for a while I'm leaning towards quad. Then I read quad "gauges" aren't accurate whatsoever?? Then my head started spinning, back to square one, do I invest $4-800 on gauges now and save $700+ for a quad down the road? Getting out of control quick! So are the quad gauges really that crappy that I shouldn't think I'm going to get two for one s
  14. Thanks for reply, I really am interested in the versatility of the quad and don't mind putting in effort, but am I also asking for trouble when I'm an absolute greenhorn when it comes to diesels in general? (But slowly learning) Or just download someone's tune and hope for the best? Also know nothing about tuner's. On another note,(mpg's) any experience in pinpointing injector problems? I read here that if I can get ahold of something to read engine load it can point to bad /dirty injectors? Just wondering if I should tackle this first before I spend money on anything? Of course my "guru
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