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  1. Well I put new tires and shocks on the old girl and that did wonders for her. I am going to have the alignment checked just to make sure everything is correct. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  2. I do get that, but my tongue weight is more than that and it doesn't cause it to wobble, which seems strange to me. Remember this is a 2 wheel drive 3500. One thing I forgot to mention is that when turning left at highway speeds it wants to kinda hunt and peck, but turning right seems normal. Yes this is truly "death wobble" it is scary as all get out and you are on the verge of losing complete control. I have had mechanics check under the truck for anything loose and they don't seem to think there is anything wrong. I replaced the tires today, which some people say can be an issue, so we shall see.
  3. The truck has 82K on the clock – All of a sudden I am experiencing a death wobble around 40 to 50 MPH only under certain conditions. The truck has a Trick Flow tank in the bed. If I put 150 LBS close to the tail gate and hit a small bump it will go into the shakes. If I move the load over the wheels nothing. If I hook my trailer up (10,000 lbs), nothing. My mechanic has replaced a part on the pitman arm and added a steering stabilizer and said the ball joints are fine. I went to a respected alignment shop yesterday and the response was “ Yep that’s a Dodge alright”. I am going to put new tires on the front today since that is a suggested fix but no one seems to be able to tell me for sure they can fix it. Any suggestions on which path I should pursue next? I love this truck and plan to die with it.
  4. Utah Dually

    Utah Dually

  5. I use my truck to tow my race car and you can imagine I need to spend some nights in a hotel or motel when traveling. It is getting to where thieves are stealing trucks and race rigs like they are going out of style. What is the best way to disable your truck so they can't steal it? I saw a video on Youtube where a guy took a fuel pump fuse, blew it up, then when parking his car would put the blown fuse in place of the good one. Would something like this work on our trucks without throwing a bunch of codes? Any ideas would be helpful.
  6. Thanks for the input guys. Since I have the lift pump, exhaust, and 60HP injectors on my truck I think I will give the EZ a try. I baby this thing when towing anyway. I never let the exhaust temp get over 1100. It might for a moment, but I catch it and back off. I would like better throttle response around town... Maybe I can find a used one... Anyone have one for sale?
  7. I love reading this stuff but I have to admit the more I read about putting a tuner on my truck the more confused I get. I would like to put one on to improve fuel mileage around town and power when towing. I don’t want to hurt the truck, but it would be nice to have a little more. Trying to decide which way to go is madding. Not to mention these things are quite the investment in dollars and time messing with them. I don’t like the idea of a Smarty just because I don’t want something I have to do downloads on. That seems like a pain to me. Someday I will make my mind up I guess….
  8. You are right, there was a hole in the body of the motor and the vacuum line was heat checked. It is good to be driving the truck after a long hard winter.... You forget just how much fun these trucks are to drive.... I just have fun driving it.
  9. Since I put my truck up for the winter so I don’t get salt on it I just got around to digging it out and looking into the cruise problem. It seems like it is the Servo under the battery tray. It is all dirty and corroded. Didn’t even know it was under there….
  10. Funny you say that because I was talking to a friend that use to be a Dodge mechanic and he said the same thing. He also said that the brake switch could be a two sided switch, one for the brake and one for the cruise, so either way I am going to check that out this weekend before I try the clock spring. I hope that is it. I am not sure I want to tackle the clock spring thing...
  11. Ok, I am assuming the "Clock Spring" Is some kind of connector? I have no idea what or where the Clock Spring might be. I might add I do appreciate everyone's help with this. Thanks...
  12. I looked last night and there was no actuator under the drivers side battery box. So I guess I have a fly by wire and an ECM issue. Is this something that can be diagonsed by the dealer, or someone else with a computer hook up?
  13. Yes, my HVAC controls are working. I was using both the AC and Heater on this trip. It was getting cold in Boise last weekend. Thanks for the location. That will save me some time.
  14. Will do. Thanks... At least I have a starting point now... Thanks again.
  15. Loaded up to go to a race and hit the cruise button, the indicator comes on in the dash, but no cruise. Any ideas where to start?
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