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Many THANKS for the support here & DAP

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I want to thank everyone here for the support & advise while wife was broke down away from home.  I needed to know what choices were to be made depending on the shop testing...  so I could get parts shipped in quickly if needed.  I got lucky & they were not needed but knowing what to do was a great comfort.   


I must thank DAP (Diesel Auto Power) for taking the time to assure me the VP44 Injection Pump they had IN STOCK was what I wanted with all upgraded parts & new computer.  The price offered was actually quite low...  Their site said $1439, over the phone, following up on my email... $1039 with a $400 core charge...  and a 2 year warentee...   They quoted $95 to overnight ship to the shop where my truck is. 


Thank you to the members here & to DAP... 





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