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Later Series Front ABS Sensor Replacement

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I would like to make a shout out to the member that sent me the front sensor back in the spring of the year. Long over due but now I got the time to replace my well wore out and damaged ABS sensors.


So here we go I'm going to do both side. Total time to replace is 30 minutes for both.


Start out by jacking up the front axle and jack standing the axle for safety.



Now remove the tire using the proper socket and impact gun. Mine being aftermarket wheels is a 3/4" socket. After the wheel is removed grab a large flat blade screwdriver and pry both caliper piston back a little. Now using a 5/8" 12 point socket remove the two bolts holding the caliper frame. Now lift off the caliper and frame as a assembly. Now you should be able to remove the rotor.


Note: Early series trucks have the rotors held in place by the wheel studs which requires removal of the unit bearing.



Now grab a proper sized Allen wrench to remove the Allen bolt holding the speed sensor. Now you may lightly bend the shield metal up to gain some room.



Now I'm working with the passenger side so I got to get the BHAF and heat shield out of the way. Now I will have access to the connector up top.



So now just careful remove all the old ABS sensor and lead taking note of where its routed along the brake line and frame. Now route the new sensor in the very same manner. Making sure to snap in the wire in all the clips and push the holders back into the holes on the frame.

post-1-0-89264900-1441836884_thumb.jpg post-1-0-93808800-1441836976_thumb.jpg post-1-0-14609300-1441837065_thumb.jpg


Now carefully bend the shield metal back down over the ABS speed sensor. Slide your rotor back up on the wheel studs. If you need to use a pair of open face lug nuts to hold the rotor in place. Now slip the caliper and frame back over the rotor. Grab your blue loc-tite and put a bit on the bolts. Re-install the two bolts holding the caliper frame.




Before mounting your wheel again double check that the wire is out of the way of any moving parts and not going to be damaged. Now remount your wheel and tire and torque your lug nuts.


Now for the lights ABS and BRAKE both lights should go out within a very short amount of travel. Like in my case just getting outside the door frame of the shop the ABS and BRAKE lights went out.


post-1-0-11063400-1441841649_thumb.jpg post-1-0-51339300-1441841741_thumb.jpg post-1-0-44372600-1441841832_thumb.jpg



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In NC we get a new sticker every year with the year on it. It is color coded also. My tag was on my 96 for 4 years and I swapped it to the 02. the stickers are about a quarter inch thick. Got to scrape them of next year and thin it down. i cant believe after all the pics i seen of your truck that I never noticed what is says on your plate. :doh:  Good job on the sensors!!

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what was the troubleshooting you did to figure out it was the cables? I have a shop last week telling me it is the ABS module for a ridiculous amount of money and I asked if they checked the ABS Sensors....they said their troubleshooting lead them to the module because power is going in but not coming out.

Thoughts? Thanks, Mike


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Nothing more than a simple ohm meter and ohm it out right at the plugs. Either at the ABS module plug or at the ABS sensor plugs. Then you know if its a wiring issue or sensor issue.

What's the resistance that you should see on a good sensor?

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Oh... Go question. I don't have a good sensor to actual bench test but I know it's in the kilo-ohms bracket.

My light comes on from time to time and I have thought of checking resistance to determine the culprit.  But I don't know where to start.  I'll figure it out and we'll get it posted.

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