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So I'm thinking I am going to go with the AirDogII 165. My question is doI need any kind of draw straw in the tank? And I'm also looking for a A-piller gauge mount with a hole for the speaker, and all the suff I need for an electric fuel pressure gauge and the gauge. I think I'm just going to order the pump right from Pure Flow but if anyone knows a place to order the gauge and pod please let me know.

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i know the 165 is way bigger than ill ever need but i really like the fact that it has an adjustable regulator.

So does the AD 150 but it just a bit messy to adjust it... I use a washer and shim up the spring... I'm running about 17-17.5 PSI @ idle, 16 PSI at 65-75 MPH and 15 @ WOT... After setting it up once I've never had to adjust it again...

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