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Coolant filter for a gas engine?

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We flushed the cooling system on my sons F150 with distilled water and replaced it with G05 "HOAT" formula last fall. The system had been neglected for some time by previous owners. We also replaced a couple of freeze plugs and found there has been some significant electrolysis damage going on. There are no present leaks, and the G05 is stable. However there is still quite a bit of sediment floating around in the system. Anyone have any thoughts about installing a non chemical type coolant filter on a rig like this? 

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Even what people have done coolant filter wise on a Cummins typically it's installed on the heater hose.

Me personally I would dump the coolant and flush the entire system till the water is clear and reload with fresh coolant.


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Coolant filters, at least all the ones I have spec'd, don't have the flow for being inline with the heater hose. 


Mine takes pressure off the head and then returns to the heater core return. This allows for it to flow at it's own rate. 


You wouldn't ever catch me sticking tap/well/hose water in my blocks.... Distilled water is cheap and free of the crap you don't want in your block. 


The ISB holds too much fluid to think you can actually get all the tap water out, it's just the design of the block. 

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258k (14 years) and not a single coolant issue yet... No scale, no build up at all.


Now I've seen more damaged vehicles cooling system wise from over extending coolant flushing. Funny part is it doesn't matter if you use fancy HOAT and distill water or premix it will still cause scale build up after the pH level shifts and becomes corrosive.


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