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Part Number look up tool

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Just to show off Nicks handy work say I'm looking for a set of new hood bumpers for my 02 truck. So I would go over to the part number lookup tool and find the part I'm looking for. Now go over to Google and type in the part number plus "dodge ram".


Now just quickly checking the reported links. The first one for me had what I was looking for at a god price even.


So this should help folks find parts for there trucks even the tougher ones that most part stores might not have.

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I need to link the 1998-2000 articles to the right page / drop down.  I will try to get that done tomorrow.


at some point I HOPE to be able to search the embedded PDF file to help people find what they are looking for.


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I actually used it yesterday and looked a part for another member and it worked great. Really appreciate what you have done to make this available.

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