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Picked up a new toy / workhorse


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This last weekend my dad and I picked up a 1992 John Deere 2355 with 3,100 hours on it.

Specs: 3.9L 4cyl NA engine that makes 67HP. ROPS with a canopy on top. It was previously owned by the city of Lakewood Parks and Recreation. I was very pleased with how good of shape the body is in and how well maintained it was. When we picked it up it still had honey colored oil, new filters etc. The only thing that was "dirty" was around every grease zerk, likely because it was over-greased. I would prefer that over no grease though!



This is the replacement for our two tractors we used to run the Hesston 4600 inline baler and 1033 New Holland bale wagon. One is a 69 John Deere 4020 diesel with over 11,000 hours on it. Needless to say, the whole tractor is getting tired, and it burns more fuel than is needed to run the baler.

The other tractor is a 75 International 1466 turbo diesel. She's getting very tired with leaking front and rear mains, slipping clutch, and was leaking some antifreeze from the liners. It burns a crazy amount of fuel when baling, considering it has a 7.2L motor and runs at 2400 rpm. Hopefully it'll get a rebuild next year, then it can sit and be used only when needed. The 4020 will continue to be used on the bale wagon.


I'll throw some pictures of the "new" one up later. If anyone on here has experience with these little guys and would like to throw some tips out they are welcome!

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