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Well guys, With a lot of input from you all I got things sorted out a bit on my 2000. First off I installed new KYB mono max shocks on all 4 corners; much better ride! Then came a Lukes link kit on my track bar as well as a PSC steering stabilizer...HUGE difference! Installed my AD 150 with the big line kit between the stock fuel bowl and vp44 and a Draw straw 1 from vulcan . Got rid of my drop in k&n and installed a BHAF amsoil 4510 with a pre-filter. Changed the transmission oil and installed a Fuller eaton filter kit with amsoil synthetic syncromesh 5 w 30 (for less than half the cost of mopar fluid too! ) Also got a great deal on a frantz filter set up thanks to Mopar1973 going to bat for us and Deborah at wefilterit.com And finally I got my Edge juice with attitude monitor installed too (WOW). So far I am showing 22 PSI fuel at idle and 20psi pouring the coals to it! Early on when I began posting here I got a rash of crap about K&N filters...I was an ignorant sheep, yes I admit it now. Thankfully now a I have been educated as to what that extra flow actually costs. YIKE$$! So needless to say, all of my vehicles have been stripped of the K&N filter and now are using Amsoil nanofiber filters. If anyone would like a stock lift pump (engine mounted) that has VERY LITTLE use (2 months) please PM me and I will be happy to send it to you for $10 plus actual shipping. It worked fine when it was removed and is practically brand new. I guess I better start putting a dollar in the console every day so I can save up for a clutch job....it is only a matter of time! Thanks, Chris

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