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  1. Hey guys, There are quite a few NOS frantz filters available on Ebay right now for cheap. And if you need parts Deborah @ www.wefilterit.com can help. GB
  2. Thanks Rogan,I just checked my truck and realized that my question is irrelevant. The edge attitude does not plug into the obd, it plugs into the data link in the engine compartment; its been awhile since the install, must of got it confused with my other car that has the SGII in it. Sorry 'bout that. Just a delirious rambling while on midnight shift...GB
  3. I have been thinking about getting one for my truck, but I already am plugged in to the obd port with my edge juice with attitude monitor. If I use a splitter so I can have both plugged in could that cause any issues that might harm the ecm? Thanks ahead of time,GB
  4. For some reason I have this saved in my phone under contacts just in case. These are supposed to be much better (larger surface area) than the stock contacts.Larry B starter contacts: 253-225-9963
  5. Finally did this mod, radiator was plugged up good! Now my truck will hardly get above 190' while its 100' ambient.GB
  6. Had the exact same thing happen to me, ended up being the starter. The bolts holding it together loosened and caused the motor to bind and burned a couple of segments of armature out. GB
  7. Sounds like the same thing I had when I first got my truck. I lost a tooth on the pinion gear, made plenty of metal and lots of noise similar to what you described. GB
  8. Mike,I would lean more toward the ball check valve bypassing too much fuel. Perhaps the ball is binding inside the spring? I have had fuel temps between 120 and 130 and fuel pressure does not suffer with my airdog setup. GB
  9. It is very possible that it takes at least 4 quarts. Everything I have looked up for your truck shows between 4 and 7 quarts for the rear differential. What rear end does it have? If you have the build sheet for your truck that would narrow it down quickly. If not there should be an Id tag on it near the diff. cover. I have a 2000 model and used Amsoil synthetic everywhere. GB
  10. Looks good Mike! Just think; now you can put twice as much wood in the bed now! WOW it is GREEN there! We have been super dry here, sucking on smoke from the wildfires upwind of us for the better part of the month... Congrats on the new tires and wheels GB
  11. What kind of wheels are you replacing them with Mike? I thought the wheel cracking issue was with 17" wheels and only a small handful if that. I hope mine hold up! If you want to sell your single good rim let me know. Chris
  12. Where are they cracking? I have not heard of this, is it a casting problem? Might be an opportunity to move up to 17" late model rims and tires. I see factory take off wheel and tire combos on craigslist in Denver fairly regularly for around $1000. Betcha you could find some in Salt Lake or closer if you looked around. Chris
  13. Hey all,I have a 05 caravan with the 3.8L which I bought new and now has 70,000 on the clock.Over the years it has had an intermittent ping/rattle under light to heavy acceleration. I typically use 91 octane fuel in it and seems to help a little, but it still happens from time to time. It has happened on cold days and hot days on flat terrain or hilly terrain. Does this engine have a knock sensor? and if it is working shouldn't it back off the timing, if this is a problem?I seem to remember in the 90's dodge had different ecms based on where the vehicle was operating, ( at least on the dakotas and ram gassers)The vehicle was purchased in Georgia with the elevation around 900ft. The vehicle is now typically driven around 4000 to 5000 ft elevation. Could this play into the fuel/air mixture, or should the computer compensate for this? Any clues are appreciated!GB
  14. Wow Mike,Sounds kinda like the fun I had last year! The way I ended up getting my ball joints out was tightening up the press on the joint as much as I could and then beating on the knuckle with a 5# hammer. The combination of pressure and vibration popped them out with a very loud bang. The bearings however were incredibly difficult to remove.GB
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