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6.7 EB operation at idle

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i've read the 6.7's will activate the EB at idle. i've pushed the button on mine and it never turns on.

but when slowing down i can hear it activate with a louder whistle from the exhaust.

might it be the efi from anarchy.?

is it an air temp thing?

coolant temp?

i can't seem to find any info in the FSM.


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I've been ready a million posts on eb function because after many checks and repairs, I still can't get it fixed. About to order the arduino pcb kit that will allow me to hook up to turbo and actuate. 

Most of what I've read revealed what AH64ID has said. It has to be below a certain temp for the brake to come on during high idle. I was able to get my high idle to come on by pushing cruised button then set cruise button after initial start up even in the warm summer we are having. You could try that but I still think the brake won't come on unless it's colder out. 

I base most of this on what I've read bc my EB is broken. smh...

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