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Rebuilding an AC Delco starter?

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Starter died in the truck in the spring and the shop put in a Delco.  I have no complaints.  I have taken all my vehicles to this shop.  When I go there I tell him what is wrong and give him the keys.  I don't trust many people with my truck but I trust him.  Jerry does his research and finds out what's good and what's not.  Also when I took in for the starter they cleaned all the connections including the grounds.  Truck also cranks way faster now.  I kept my connections as clean as I could but they went through everything and what a difference.

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I should have kept my Denso Starter and rebuilt the contacts


I had replaced it with a Napa starter and the napa chinese starter crapped out in one year, Bad / broken armature or field wires drawing to many amps. Just poor quality starter. Acted like my batteries were dead when the batteries were brand new, slow cranking/ excessive amp draw


Swapped it for another since it was a lifetime napa guarantee


Next time I might just buy a new Denso for $400 that will last 10 years plus



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