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  2. I have 2 of the old style "first gen" switches and both quit working. One has a problem with IAT and the other ECT. I tried to fix to no avail and figured I should upgrade to the new design. My only concern is how long is the wiring. The first two I had to solder in an additional 36 inches of wire and they worked fine until they didn't. The overall length from where the wires come together in the engine compartment to the switch on my modified fooler was about 8ft stock was 5ft. Thanx.
  3. Probably is one and the same dripley. I found the pictures I was looking for. I like to monitor most things. I figure if it isn't broke don't fix it. My truck is closing in on 200k in the next couple weeks and still has the original oil pump, water pump and VP44.
  4. I have had an Isspro EV2 oil pressure gauge for a couple years now. Used a port in the oil gallery on the drivers side of the block, not very hard to do. I have watched the pressure on the dash, the edge monitor which reads from the same sensor as the dash and the Isspro. The reading between the Edge and Isspro mirror each other at all RPM's. If you guesstimate with the dash it is close but it is sluggish to big changes in pressure(ie 2000 rpms to idle, like shifting to neutral and coasting). This is what I have observed on my truck anyways. I thought I had a picture of the edge and Issp
  5. Starter died in the truck in the spring and the shop put in a Delco. I have no complaints. I have taken all my vehicles to this shop. When I go there I tell him what is wrong and give him the keys. I don't trust many people with my truck but I trust him. Jerry does his research and finds out what's good and what's not. Also when I took in for the starter they cleaned all the connections including the grounds. Truck also cranks way faster now. I kept my connections as clean as I could but they went through everything and what a difference.
  6. Yup I agree my old boss was tight with money and that was one of the reasons I no longer work there. I drew the line when I was around bulls. Refused to worked with them.
  7. For me it is Silos. Climbing up in the dark feeling your way when it quits working. Never had a headband flashlight, just climb in the dark and once you are in then pull out the flashlight. Leveling after filling and worrying about silo gas if sat over night. You can cannot smell the gas or see it, you just have to treat it like it is always there. The neighbor had a service guy from the dealer die from this in one of his Harvestore's. Raising silo unloader and the winch cable starts to fray and come apart and while this is happening I am standing outside the silo on the platform and you
  8. When I am not working I am working on sides jobs at a farm or helping friends with their projects(houses and trucks). At the farm I drive tractor often during the summer too, I love do that. I do a little R/C racing when I can at a local indoor track, mainly during the winter. Otherwise out working in the garage or go and help my father with his restoration projects. Currently working a 1933 Chevy pickup. For work I work for a company that builds backhoes for John Deere, Mahindra, Yanmar and Caterpillar mainly. I am tester so I find the leaks. Before that I worked on dairy farms fo
  9. When I found that one I just typed in bumper and searched various cities. I am on Craigslist almost everyday just checking what's out there. Sadly I do a daily search for cummins. Sometimes I come across ranch hand style bumpers using that key word. I also find stuff by scrolling through the for sale section. When I found my bumper I was searching sheboygan and found it down in Random Lake which is 20 miles away. I was looking to either buy a new bumper or pick something up of craigslist I was not in hurry and looked for probably 4 or 5 months before I went the route I did.
  10. For some reason I cannot type text in a post but I can post up pictures. I ran out of time this morning to mess with it. Now I am on my phone typing this, must be something up with the computer. Anyways what I wanted to write was that the truck on the right (mine) cost around 200 for the front bumper. I found it on Craigslist for $125 and spent about $75 on steel and paint. The bumper originally was on tow truck. Everything is 1/4" or bigger. I guess it weighs around 250lbs. I hit a deer once with the truck and it did some minor damage. After that I decided I needed something
  11. Filled the Jeep up on the way home from work tonight and it was $2.65 for diesel. I haven't bought gas in a while so I don't look at it often. But I think it is 2.34 today.
  12. I don't mind a little elbowing and thanks for the comments.
  13. That was an option from a previous Chevy. Actually the exhaust broke after the cat and blocked the wheels since it was on a hill. Put a band clamp on for now.
  14. The brake has worked flawlessly. I have about 17k on it now and I use it every time the truck is out. I finally bought a go pro camera because I found one marked down $75 at wally world. The first one is from in the cab. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUnDteWl5qE This one is outside. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXGz3TQZ42w The last one is with the EB on and it is pumping up cause the tank was empty from sitting for a couple weeks. It had already been running for almost 10 minutes and it would have stayed in 3 cyl if I let it. If the engine was cold it would have bogged down to t
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