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Shudder in Reverse w/ Aisin AS69RC


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I have a 2014 Ram 3500 CCLB Dually that has a horrible shudder that I get only in reverse when im backing up a trailer or in soft/muddy conditions. I replaced the crappy two piece drive shaft with a custom 1-piece aluminum to get rid of the Chinese steady bearing. (you have to replace the complete drive shaft for $1600 on this truck from Dodge to change a $130 steady bearing). The shudder is not as bad as it was. I also changed all of the shocks with Fox 2.0 which again improved the situation but not fully. The truck has 76000km or 47224miles. It has 3500lbs in the box at all times the cheap dodge springs have sagged in 2 years and now it rides the overloads. (my 2007 doesn't, cheaper steel in the springs over the span of 7 years; sad) I will be getting two leafs added to each side this week but im not expecting this to fix the problem. I have also not been able to find anything about transmission issues for this particular one. I did a fluid/filter service at 25000kms and again at 73000kms and the fluid still looked new. Any input would be appreciated. The truck is fully deleted and running the way it should've from day one. RaceMe Ultra on the lowest HP setting (30hp).

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