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getting neutral

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So i have searched and searched. i can't for the life of me find how to get my 08 transfer case into neutral. it has a little button you press with a pen. i've pressed this button and it blinks. i've tried rolling slowly, trans in N, clutch in clutch out.

going from 4L to N, 4H to N. no luck. so either my truck has issues, or i do.. neither of i'd be surprised at.



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Mike you tend to mom,

i found these but they are not working.. maybe i'm not giving it enough time.


1. Bring the vehicle to a complete stop, with the engine
running. Firmly apply the parking brake.
2. Shift the transmission to NEUTRAL.
3. Press and hold the brake pedal.
4. Depress the clutch pedal on a manual transmission.
5.• With manual shift transfer case, shift the transfer
case lever into NEUTRAL (N).
• With electronic shift transfer case, press and hold the
transfer case NEUTRAL (N) button. Some models
have a small, recessed N button (at the center of the
transfer case switches) that must be pressed using a
ballpoint pen or similar object. Other models have a
rectangular NEUTRAL switch, below the rotary
transfer case control knob. The NEUTRAL (N) indicator
light will blink while the shift is in progress.
The light will stop blinking (stay on solid) when the
shift to NEUTRAL (N) is complete. After the shift is
completed and the NEUTRAL (N) light stays on,
release the NEUTRAL (N) button.
6. Release the parking brake.
7. Shift the transmission into REVERSE.
8. Release the brake pedal (and clutch pedal on manual
transmissions) for five seconds and ensure that there is
no vehicle movement.
9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 with automatic transmission in
DRIVE or manual transmission in first gear.
10. Shift the transmission to NEUTRAL. Firmly apply
the parking brake. Turn OFF the engine. For vehicles
with Keyless Enter-N-Go, press and hold the ENGINE
START/STOP button until the engine shuts off.
11. Shift the transmission into PARK or place manual
transmission in gear (NOT in Neutral). On 8-speed
transmissions the shifter will automatically select
PARK when the engine is turned off.
12. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position, then
cycle the key or the Keyless Enter-N-Go button to the
RUN position and back to the OFF position. Remove
the key fob from the ignition switch.
13. Attach the vehicle to the tow vehicle using a suitable
tow bar.
14. Release the parking brake



i'll try again tomorrow.

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I had to dig out the operation manual too to figure it out the first time I needed to get my 2010 1500 into neutral to tow it home when I toasted the tranny a couple years ago, what a PITA.:doh:

I would need to look it up if I needed to to it again, mine has the neutral button under the rotary switch. There is a procedure to get it into low range IIRC as well but it is simpler than going into neutral.

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FYI.....you cant tow these 4wd trucks without disconnecting the rear driveshaft.  Even if the transfer case is in neutral.


This is because the transfer case houses a fluid pump which turns only via the input from the transmission.  So towing will cause the bearings to run dry.  I believe there's even a warning in the owners manual stating this too.  I cant speak for any and all later built 4wd trucks so do your own research. :thumbup2:

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