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Mixing additives with 2 cycle oil...

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Well I've been asked about mixing other additive with 2 cycle oil quite a bit. I tend to tell everyone there is no need truely for the other additive. But lots of people still want to added a other product to the 2 cycle oil. I've got a rule of thumb that will help... Only mix 2 cycle oil with a lower HFRR additive to help improve the lubricity. If you mix with a higher HFRR number your lubricity will be greatly reduced. To show this just figure the average of the HFRR number of the products you want to mix... Like for example lots of people want to mix PowerService and 2 Cycle Oil. Let me show what happens to the HFRR number... PowerService --- 575 HFRR 2 Cycle Oil ------ 474 HFRR 474 + 575 = 1049 / 2 = 524 HFRR So you improved the Powerservice but you reduced the lubricity of the 2 cycle oil greatly. As matter of fact it now is at minimum standards! (520 HFRR) But lets try my rule of thumb... Using a better product... Opti-lube XPD --- 317 HFRR 2 Cycle Oil ------ 474 HFRR 474 + 317 = 791 / 2 = 395 HFRR You now sucessfully mixed to products together and gain the benefits of the second product with 2 cycle oil not to meantion you meet and exceed both standards. (Manufactures standards and US Gov't Standards!) You can use this same math to figure out more than 2 products... 2% Bio Diesel --- 221 HFRR Opti-Lube XPD -- 317 HFRR 2 Cycle Oil ------ 474 HFRR 474 + 317 + 221 = 1,012 / 3 = 337 HFRR Now I'm going to show a extreme... 2% Bio Diesel --------------- 221 HFRR Primrose Power Blend 2003 -- 711 HFRR 711 + 221 = 932 / 2 = 466 HFRR As long as you mix a strong lubricant with your additive it will pass the standards... Here is my table of HFRR results from the Diesel Place testing... http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r123 ... HFRR-2.jpg Then here is athe table for mixing ratios and calculated HFRR per dose. This is based of Diesel Place.Com data... http://mopar.mopar1973man.com/cummins/general/2-cycle-oil/hfrr-calc/hfrr.htm

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moparman,i have a 02 3/4 ton 5spd manual and ovr 87k on it already had to change one fuel injector pump and i'm using the wal-mart brand 2-cycle oil that is recommended at the diesel forum, my question to u is i was told to use stansadyne after evry 4th fill-up to keep things clean, man it seems to me my truck runs a little better when i do the stansadyne by it self, so yesterday i filld up and poured another bottle in, today i'm reading on the diesel forumn all the stuff in these products u posted that can take away lubricity and cause problems, my question is, can i add a 16oz. bottle of the 2-cycle oil to my tank with the stansadyne in it already and then i'll add 32oz of 2-cycle next fill-up? also your oppinion on donaldson fuel filters(pf550785) 4 my truck, i ordered 2 and put 1 on thursday, thank u 4 your time and thank u for knowing this stuff, so dumbbutts like me don't get into trouble.

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Like i've shown above in my post that the two will average out. So consult the HFRR page and check the HFRR number of the product... You got to remember that some solvent type chemicals will cancel out the lubricity of the 2 cycle oil really fast... Like Naptha, mineral spirits, xylene are all great solvents that are used for cleaning. Look up the MSDS sheet for your product then look up the chemicals.. http://mopar.mopar1973man.com/cummins/general/2-cycle-oil/hfrr/hfrr.htm <- HFRR page http://mopar.mopar1973man.com/cummins/general/2-cycle-oil/msds/msds.htm <- MSDS Sheet viewforum.php?f=19 <- Extended MSDS Sheets Or look at the spreadsheet of it.. http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r123 ... HFRR-2.jpg

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