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So I was wanting to get new leather seats for my truck. The katzkin leather I heard is popular, it's a kit that just pulls over the seat i believe, a dealer would install it for 1600 buck, that's material cost and labor . 

Anybody done this to there truck before? Does it seem to good to be true, maybe cheap product or something else?

Also leatherseats.com has some nice looking seats you can make for 1300bucks, not including install.

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3 hours ago, Dieselfuture said:

I hate lather seats, too hot in summer too cold in winter :2cents:

Unless you have a air conditioner in garage and heated seats. They sure look nice though. 

I know what you mean. To be honest, I am better off spending money else where, but if the opportunity came and I had extra money saved up, it would be a nice upgrade, even if it's the front seats only.

I have leather now, well it's a hybrid, half leather, half cloth, kinda weird. Leather is shot, super hard, previous owner didn't condition well.

I'll keep an eye out and an ear to the ground, maybe a good deal will show up.

But if anyone else has done something like katzkin or a leather upgradr let me know.

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