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      High Idle Kit Sale   09/06/2017

      Just in time for Father Winter, we are offering a %10 Discount for the first 10 High Idle switches sold until 10/1/2017.  Just use the coupon code HighIdle at checkout to get %10 off. Visit out store to see details on the High Idle Kit.       


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Mopar1973Man    3,793

Well I'm glad to see you come over and see whats up...I'm still in the clean up state but I'm getting it fired up... This is completely hosted from my home computer... So it make it easy for me to work on the web site...

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dorkweed    313

Thanks Mike for the invite also. I hope you don't mind if a 3rd generation guys hangs out with you all!!! 8-) Technically, I still have a 2nd gen; but I gave/sold it to my Dad when I got the 04.5. It's mine whenever I want it back!! :D

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