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Mobile Users - Reduced Advertising

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Sorry for not catching this earlier. Google Adsense gave me new features and they ended up being enabled which made a trainwreck for mobile folks. Ads displaying on top of content and articles making it tough to read. I've disabled a bunch of advertising on the mobile side. Back down to the standard advertising that the forum has in the normal layout. Should be a header, footer, sidebar, after first post and after first topic.


Sorry for the mess and layout issues this created. Again I'm trying to make this the best Cummins forum on the internet. 

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Just so you know Mike, it is appreciated what you do here to keep this forum up and running. I know I speak for a lot of folks in saying Thank You. 


I am inundated with ads on my phone that have nothing to do with the site and am sick of it . I just want a phone again.

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Yeah, the site pays its bills with advertising methods. Sad but true we need the ads to display so the bills get paid. Donations are another way of keeping the bills paid and the advertising reduced. 


I did finally get a plugin that detects ad blockers and prevents the people from using them to block the ads on the site. This ensures the ads is being displayed on the site.


Then I trying to get the ad double check for coding and placement being there is a few things that have changed.

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What I meant by not having anything to do with site was that I get them all the time, not just here. I guess I am paying Verizon's bills too. 

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Yeah, I know what you mean...


Ok here is the change over for the advertising layout of the website. First off I've added an adblocker detector plugin to prevent people from blocking the ad displayed on the site. This should increase revenue as well. So if you want reduced ad volume just donate to the site and your ad banners are reduced. 


  • Guest (Unregistered or not logged in) will see the full line of ad banners.
  • Members (Logged in) will not see any of the VigLink ad links. 
  • Donating Members will not see any ads displayed in the forum list or the topic list these ads are removed. Sidebar is changed over to match content which still displays ads but mostly links back to other pages on the site. This will help other users find the need information on the wbsite.
  • Mobile device follow the same thing but the only added twist is a random full page ad that might display. 

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Another edit or fix to the advertising. 


Guest and 3,910 Members - See all advertising. (header, footer, sidebar, first post and first topic)

20 Silver Members - The first post and first topic ads are excluded. (Header, footer, sidebar)

43 Gold Members - Sidebar and The first post and first topic ads are excluded. (Header and footer)

27 Platinum Members - All ads are removed.

16 Staff & Retired Staff - All ads are removed.

10 Vendors - All ads are removed.



Header - the very top of the page.

Footer the very bottom of the page

Sidebar - the top of the right hand sidebar

First post - Ad displays just after the first post

First topic - Ad displays just after the first topic

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