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Back again.


I towed the tiny house from Tucson to Denver last summer and it was a little slow. Besides being heavy, the house is just as aerodynamic as a 13' x 8.5' flat wall. I couldn't shift into 5th on the nv4500 unless I was going downhill. I couldn't keep up with the semi's at 65 mph unless I was running 4th at 2400 rpm so I just cruised at 55. The rollers between Trinidad and Pueblo had me in 3rd at 40 mph. There are a lot of rollers.


All I want to do is use 5th gear to keep up with the semi's and maybe go over a rolling hill in 4th.


Anyway, 'tis the season of sales on upgrades so I got a Quad v2. I'm sure the quad will help add fuel and get some power but when does my stock HX35w run out of air to burn and keep the EGTs reasonable? Can the HX35 support 7 x 10s and keep the EGTs down for towing? If I upgrade the injectors can I run a milder tune that will keep me from smoking my clutch and melting pistons while towing? 


Local diesel guy recommended against bigger injectors unless I upgrade the turbo because the EGTs will be too high. How the heck do I even choose a turbo? There's a million options. I'm not looking to spend $5k for compounds just yet.


Throwing in a @Me78569 call-out for advice. How did the he351ve hold up? Vanes still move? I was thinking a he351cw might be an economical upgrade for me.


Thanks for the help,




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What's the consensus about new bodies vs reman bodies vs aftermarket bodies on injectors? DAP has all flavors and I don't know if I'd ever notice any difference between them. I mean, it's a 20 year old truck; I don't need new shiny parts if older parts will work fine for the next 10 years.


Thanks for the info.

@Me78569 I'm definitely a little into tinkering but mostly home automation stuff, but I don't want to find the bug in my code while going 65 mph with a gross weight of 20k lbs. 


The combo of upgraded turbo and electric brake intrigues me. Would you trust your life to the arduino functioning reliably?


Anybody have experience with Smeding Diesel Turbos? They seem to have the best prices.

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  • Administrator

Talk to DAP for price they will treat you well.  @dieselautopower  I am sure you can get him setup. 


I would go the new body personally.



I ran my setup, worst thing that happens is the arduino stops working and the turbo vanes go wide open when it doesn't get a command for ~1/4 second.  



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Crazy how hard a wind sail is to pull compared to aerodynamic trailer.


To me it seems like you may need injectors.  Your truck sounds like mine when the injectors were all carboned over.

Yup forget overdrive or even really attempting to run at the posted speed limit.

With 100hp injectors things changed and I could run 80mph cruise control set with truck not even noticing the small rollers .

Later added a 62 turbo pulling all grades at ease with egts comfortable below 12.5 with pedal avaible to accelerate and get around slow vehichles.


My turbo is a smedding turbo. 62 65 14.

To be honest I think I'd go with 62 68 12 that DAP sells they're basically the same turbo but I feel better support will come from DAP.

There is a small chance support may be needed with these cheap borge turbos.


Myswell get injectors from DAP to.


I'm running injectors from Ducky Fuel injection. Have nothing but good to say about them. Took me a couple weeks of questions over the phone finally made the decision on 7x009 sac's theve been great now for 6 or more years. Time flys maybe 8 years

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