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overhead display retrofit

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i noticed when installing a switch in my overhead that the wiring harness for the display was in the overhead even though my truck didnt come with it soooooo. can i plug one in and will it work or will the ecm or pcm have to be programed i assume the twisted pair will send the info but i dont know if the display interpets and displays or if another computer is sending the info and its just a displaying. mpg display would be nice.

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It will automatically work with e CCD bus because the addressing system will direct the informatio where it needs to be.

As for it showing correct numbers it won't for you it will be way off like showing 28-35 MPG all the time when you do your math it will be like 18-19 MPG... Reason being is the Edge and the injectors throw the tune off the computer so the data is skewed..

The only thing that is close to right would either be a Ultra Gauge or a ScanGauge II... At least those can be programmed.

Found this in the TSB from Dodge...


Telltale evidence of tampering can be:

a. The seizure of the pump rotor, and/or cracked or overstressed pump cam ring.

b. The protective sleeve around the two wires may be rolled or cut back to gain access for connection.

c. The overhead console information center (if so equipped) may read out unrealistic fuel mileage numbers


d. The plastic rectangular cover and its attaching screws located on top of the fuel pump, and used to close

off the fuel pump control module, may show signs of tampering and/or modification.
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well ill have to find one acurate or not if it will light up i would like to have it up there. thanks m.m.

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