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  1. all my tats are self-inflicted from high school still have the home-made gun somewhere in the attic. just a piece of my childhood that will never be forgotten, grew out of it though and have no intrest in it anymore. i can only imagine the thoughts off all those high school girls that had to have my artwork on them with-out there parents permission.
  2. im slightly past the 20 year mark by a few years but i will appologize for i am one of the block out the sun smokers:tongue: but admiting you have a problem is the first step to recovery right?
  3. sounds like a fuel restriction in the pick-up assembly
  4. kinda off subject but dude how did you get the smiliey to work on truck?
  5. thoughts about 44 timing-- hmmm i say keep turning it up till it drops a valve, back it off a couple degrees and lock her down!!!!!
  6. i miss my standards, im scarred to death to floor my auto carrying a heavy load its built up and still feels like to much slip to me, oh well still very convienent in city unloaded!
  7. you would probably be suprised at how much chassis flex is actually in these trucks especially concidering the wheel base, to crack a small cross member while towing heavy or getting the truck in a bind over a life time is probably not that uncommon
  8. isx do you realize how close that is to showing a video of what happens to a compressor wheel turning at a million or so rpm being acted upon by a small piece of road debris and the subsequent aftermath.
  9. it was probably clean through the 44, then a small compression leak at the injector will soot the hell out of it on its way back to the tank.
  10. if you replaced any trailing arm bushings ive found that if there torqued down while the suspension is sagging i.e. tire off the ground, the bushing will bind when set down and cause mystery pops.
  11. well in my mind if the valves are jamed its probably metal contamination which will have collected at the orfice tube which is right in the line by the condensor on a 1500, real easy to remove,inspect, clean and reinstall.
  12. it looks to me that there is no resistance to flow, i try to keep mine at 35 low and about 250 high, my money is on a orfice tube that is blowed out not just a failed compressor
  13. well ill have to find one acurate or not if it will light up i would like to have it up there. thanks m.m.
  14. i noticed when installing a switch in my overhead that the wiring harness for the display was in the overhead even though my truck didnt come with it soooooo. can i plug one in and will it work or will the ecm or pcm have to be programed i assume the twisted pair will send the info but i dont know if the display interpets and displays or if another computer is sending the info and its just a displaying. mpg display would be nice.
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