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  2. fwiw on my 05 i could only recalibtrate my tire height with the smarty loaded meaning when i loaded the stock tune back in the truck the factory tire height was placed back as well and the speedo would be off 5mph because of the 315's
  3. I need more timing but any setting over 1 and it gets smokey during od lockup in the business district 45mph zone... and during lock up climbing the hill at the river to and from work at every up shift and lock up. I am about over it I just dont look in the mirror lol...on a positive note mpg's up from 13.2 to a steady 15.1 since the second fill up after the comp went on.. 1st tank after comp on 4x3 yeided 12.7.. I think my driving style (read heavy foot prolly from driving a fire truck for a living for 12+years) and new low stall torque converter are to blame but man i like it that t/c makes driving this thing a blast --- Update to the previous post... Mike I agree with the level 1 not being tapped because as i scroll down from 5 to 1 there is a positive loss of power (feels like my lawn service trailer is suddenly on the truck) and the tone of the engine changes as soon as 1 is active... going from 1 to 2 as soon as 2 hits it gains a few rpm and the tone changes to a deeper note and stays that way through level 5 (which leads me to believe 2-5 are tapped) and only changes when it gets back to level 1
  4. lol it looks better than mine....i used industrial grade velcro and stuck it to the bezel above the ash tray.... then used the ash tray to hold all the extra cable and then used another peice on the bottom to hold the ash tray closed up to the bottom of the scan gauge... doesnt look bad but not as sexy as a real bracket dont laugh to hard lol its what i had on hand
  5. I need to do this my self I found my clunk the other day and havnt had time to fix it yet... Driver side lower shock bolt.. It seems the mount is a bit wider then the shock bushing.. I was told by a friend to crank it tight till the shock cant move in there lol.. ISX I think your fix is a better plan
  6. Just got off the phone with Casey at edge asking questions about the edge comp.... Im still working out the low boost smoke issue and he told me that levels 1-3 do not utilize the pump tap!! I asked how level 3 makes 80 hp on the comp and the ez only makes 65 hp... He said the comp does it but doesnt use the tap untill level 4 and if i unhook the tap it will function as an ez.. but instead of 20,30,and 65hp it would be 40,60 and 80 hp... This goes against everything ive read about the edge comp.. Im hoping you guys can shed some light on this for me as my conversation with tech support left me more confused lol
  7. I have 1 that I bought from tst products... I like it alot better than a turnbuckle, just my opinion, it limits boost to 29 psi and eliminates the need to watch the gauge constantly.. A chip or boost fooler is needed to keep from setting codes..
  8. Thanks man ill take the door apart and check... It needs to be pulled apart any how the darn thing is not completely unlocking with 1 press of the fob...In the last week first thing in the morning i have to hit the button 2-3 times to get the drivers door opened.. I see the lock stem move but it doesnt raise up to the unlock position on the first try...
  9. The 5 step program at its best :thumbup2:I admit I also like to see a good bit of smoke some times... lets me know the ole goat still has some play left in her lol... My common rail was stupid and it took well.... atleast 6 months for the need (Yes I said Need.. is that step 1 i 'm admitting to?) to break the tires loose at 55mph in 5th gear when ever i chose to or see the look on the guys face in the mustang gt when we took off at a light and he pulls away from me a few car legnths or so.. get to 4th and catch him grab 5th get loose and see his jaw drop as i pull away get to 6th and put serious distance between the vehicles... Step 2 was selling the truck and buying a house....Back to denial...bought the 01 and said ohhh Im not going to do that again that was nuts.....look at my sig...I admit im a junkie:spend:Koyote we wont hold your smoking habit against you.... That is unless you live in ky with a hunter green long bed with stacks that insist on giving the easisest going fireman I know a case of black lung while jogging...just kidding buddy it wasnt you.... Although this is whats happening in the city i work in by the hard heads around here... Just yesterday my old partner was jogging down main st (wearing an officeial t shirt identifying our department) trying to stay in shape for our occupation and deployment in march & was sooted not once but twice by the same jerk before he could get the reamaining 3 blocks to his house... that poor kid had better hope the compassionate fireman pulls him out of the truck and not his evil twin the soldier ....i have never seen that young man that upset in the 5 years he worked with me sorry guys not aimed towards anyone just needed to vent:tease: Back to the original post i learned today that if i slow down about 2 more mph turning onto my street the truck will down shift instead of just powering up the hill and no haze at all :woot:still relearning to drive the truck with the new tranny and edge combo...
  10. The police in this area dont like the diesel trucks anymore we have a large number of 16-20 somthing year olds that think its way cool to black out the sun as often as they can.. That tends to lend individuals like myself trying to explain the difference between low boost haze and joy smoke.. And its nothing to see 25-30 different diesel trucks nightly driving by the fire house trying to see how fast they can go between the traffic light and the stop sign...Maybe 350 yards... and get 2 or more in a row and it becomes a smoke show.. So until the kiddo's cool down any smoke is bad right now..... But hey man you gotta feed the addiction
  11. Mopar how easy is it to keep smoke at bay with that setting? Ive been thinking about trying 4/2 or 5/2 but dont know if its worth it because my truck became a train after the comp.. 3/3 seems good empty but not towing my lawn service trailer..2/3 -2/4 is working good for that and pretty controlled smoke...just driving up the one little hill i turn onto at the end of my street on 3/3 hazes pretty dark under light throttle... the neighbors there dont like my truck he holds his ears when im coming in in the evenings...Imagine if it were straight piped..I thought the aero turbine 4040xl did a good job it gave it a nice deep tone but not as loud.. well with the fuel milage the only thing i can think of is my fuel gauge might be reading right for a change... It does this every now and then... but usually 1/4 tank is empty & 3/4 = 2/3rds 1/2 = 1/3rd and 1/4 = walk.. Ill fill up thursday as usual and find out.. the comp realy woke this darn truck up! wow..stepped into it this evening about 2/3rds throttle to get out into traffic and could hear the tires bark when it hit second and third on 3/3 and not too smokey just a good light haze @ 34lbs of boost.With still more to be had goosed the throttle when it shifted to od and the boost gauge matched by showing 38 lbs.... now to make sure the waste gate is set low enough to keep it safe
  12. Ive been running 2/4 or 3/3..I run these because this box is pretty smoky with my 100 hp injectors and can run 4/3 if i am extremely easy on the throttle... like i said i loved the truck before but now its just wow
  13. Hey guys I bought a used edge comp last week & got it on the truck filled up with fuel and started driving..... only been a little more than half throttle 4 times and so far im about 80 miles short on this half tank of fuel....Looking for opinions here bad fuel ( i fill up at the same station every 2 weeks and this is where i get the best milage from).... winter fuel .... I wouldnt think so but maybe.... still a month early for that here it usually happens mid october...or unhook the pump tap next tank and see whats going on there... No fuel in the oil im checking that every 3rd day at the fire house after it sits 8-9 hours I changed the oil 2 weeks ago with the same ole rosmella.. still clean after 2 weeks usually black by now.no leaaks anywhere.. It runs good, real good, nice smooth power not as agressive as thte quad xzt+... I lknow no one can give a definate answer just looking for ideas and opinions.. Thanks guys
  14. wow and i thought i had troubles. I appreciate the info. did not have time to check the grounds at the starter today. --- Update to the previous post... thanks to all of you. I installed my rebuilt ecm today and drove my truck for the first time in 6 months. stilll got a few things to check out and more people to thank.
  15. I ran a second ground from the battery to the ecm ground terminal bolt not to the ecm case.... The ground from the battery to the engine block on the driver side was fubar.... So I added insurance in case this happened again... So there would be a redundant ground from the batt to the ecm grounding point.I also added another ground from the battery to that stud under the battery, again redundan but it made me feel good .. as for problems yeah i had a bunch... low voltage to apps,iat, map, and oil sensors along with bad grounds..Junk lift pump, poorly installed halo headlights (water was getting in to the crimp connectos some one used when they cut the wires to add a home brew floor dimmer to run the high beam and low beams at the same time). and several other codes..Battery cables were junk black and corroded from end to end..Broken wires in the ecm harness... after fixing the grounds and going through the tests i found on mikes web page for the codes i had i chased my problems down to the ecm and pcm.. The map & iat circuits were burnt in the ecm, the apps circuit was burnt on the ecm and pcm and the oil sensor was the broken ground i repaired in the engine harness...i would also get intermitent map code and finally found the wires were fouled up at the connector.. The twist test revealed this... My grid heat relays were sticking and putting a heck of a draw on the batteries which was the cause of most of my low votage codes.. the ones mentioned near the top of this paragraph were codes set after clearing them regardless of voltage after the charging system was confirmed good so i started going deeper with diagnosing the problems... Let me know if i can help further....Ill do what i can... For what its worth my friend who owns his own shop for the last 10 years and after being a dealer mech for 15 years still thinks the truck was struck by lightning due to similar repairs on another truck that was seen hit by lightning while he worked at the ford dealer..
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