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Super day today

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I hope everyone had a great day today.My family went to a small town near us in ok. The town is called medicine park. Very small and pleasent place.They have a small river running through the middle, and lots of arts fest stuff. The volunteer fire dept had a barbecue with barbecued pork. Donations for food. I gave them $30 for lunch for six people. Lots of food and music and freindly folks. Got to talking to the police chief and we ended up talking and showing each others guns.Good people there and already planning on going back next year. Grandkids liked going on paddle boats up and down the river.Lots of live music and lots of bikers came on a ride for fun and food.Well now thats my saturday and the weather was perfect, like 80 degrees.Hope yours was super also.:hyper:

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I view this from a bit of a different take. Both of those guns are what I call "truck guns". They are FAR to big and bulky to carry around the gun hating, hoplophobic American public and are relegated to being carried inside the truck cab. I prefer to carry so that NOBODY knows or even suspects that I am carrying. It is like trying to observe wildlife.....if they know you are watching them, the don't behave in a natural manner. If they never even suspect you are there, they behave naturally. Same thing with people and guns. When I am in shorts, t-shirt, and flops.......I recommend the North American Mini Revolver in .22 Magnum: http://www.naaminis.com/magnum.html These may not look like much, but they have FAR more power that most folks realize. It is NOT a weapon suitable for a fire fight but a great "get off me" gun. For jeans and a long shirt tailed t-shirt or casual dress, a Beretta Tom Cat Inox is a good choice. http://www.beretta.com/Defence-Pistols-Carbines/Defence/Pocket-Pistols/3032-Tomcat-Inox/index.aspx?m=82&f=2&id=777 Using Buffalo Bore .32 ACP +P Ammo - 75 gr. Hardcast Flat Nose, they are almost up to a 9mm power factor is a package half the size and weight. Corbon 32 Auto 60gr COR�BON Self-Defense JHP is not a bad choice as well. http://www.buffalobore.com/index.php?l=product_list&c=31 http://www.dakotaammo.net/Self-Defense-JHP/32-Auto-60gr-COR65533BON-Self-Defense-JHP/SD3260-20/100/Product I am not sure I would EVER talk to a cop much less tell him anything about any gun I own. That could come back to haunt you. Not that I have anything to hide, just experience with living with corrupt local cops where I live. I guess that depends upon the individual person. Just be careful doing that. Cops are VERY sneeky and cunning. They will talk to you like you are life long best buds and when you are not aware, do things like run your gun serial # and name in the NCIS computer. Again, I suppose it depends upon the person. I wish there were more local gatherings and social functions like this. It would make life a lot more enjoyable and America a better place. We have the River Bend Festiva coming up in another week. The wife and kids love to go. I may go this year but have not in the past due to my intolerance for drunks, druggies, rude obnoxious people.....many of whom have managed to "thin" themselves out the past few years. I hope to go and enjoy it just like you did, although I won't be chatting with the police chief. He is a corrupt and incompent idiot. I am sure there will be many other great folks there to enjoy the day to chat with and have a good time.

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