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Has anyone utilized "Spare" fuse number 16 for providing ignition signal to a tuner, etc.?  Wiring diagram page 8W-12-6 shows that the fuse would be powered in both the RUN position and the Accessories position.  I'm not sure if it's bad for the Adrenaline to get power while the engine isn't running; I can't imagine it'd draw more than the radio, which is the only time I really use the ACC position.  Would be nice to be able to view Quad without my blasted grid heater drawing juice or the engine running.

Quad recommends Fuse 9, and it differs in that it gets power in the START and RUN positions, but not ACC.

Anyone see a downside to what I propose?

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9 minutes ago, Mopar1973Man said:

If it doesn't have the START leg then it will cutoff and disconnect during your start up. Then have to reconnect on every start.

I think I understand, but better make sure.  Do you mean it will be bad/aggravating/whatever because it will connect during Wait To Start, then get cutoff during starter cranking, then have to reconnect once running?  If that's bad, I can try to use Fuse 9, I have a spare "Add a circuit" gizmo like I used to connect my gauges to the dimmer (maybe fuse 6?); I hope there's room!

For about the 10th time I disconnected the main plug from the Quad, and checked that I had power at the plug.  Plugged it back together and for the heck of it decided to see if the phone could find the iQuadBT.  It did!  Once I permanently wire the signal wire I should have a usable Adrenaline!!  WOO HOO!!  "Max MPG" here I come!

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