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Heater core replacement coming soon. Anything else?

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14 hours ago, Doubletrouble said:




This is why I say do the job right. Look at the evaporator its covered in debris. The heater core is showing signs of leaking too. See now you rebuilt the entire system and the heater works better and the A/C will be nice and cold to meet you in the spring of the year. Everyone of the evaporator I've pull range from lightly covered to densely covered faces. Anyways afterwards I always get comments about the better air flow and better heating and cooling performance. Hence why I will not suggest any heater core change out short cut. Not to mention there is no filter system to prevent that either. It would have to be a paper filter of some sort to stop all thje small particles sticking to the face like yours. Evaporator sweats and stay wet while the A/C or DEF is running. It will collect dust and debris then dries off later to hang on to it. Just best to pull everything servicing and clean like you did and move on for 5 to 7 years and do it again. 

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@Mopar1973Man, it's just another example of the wealth of knowledge and experience here on this site that has helped its members. This is why it pains me to think that this site may go away. I used your write up on how to accomplish this and it was spot on! I am a paying member and appreciate what I get in return for said membership. I have also donated a little in the past, I started on a month to month membership just because money was tight at the time but have realized that what I gain here is more than worth what I have paid in membership dues. 

 Anyone reading this that has not joined please do, you will not regret it.

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