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 This kinda stated in a different thread but I thought I would post what I've done here instead of hijacking. 

 There was a discussion about rust proofing and weather protection including the use of undercoating, fluid film and the old fashioned used oil concoction to combat rust and corrosion. Since I've been off work for a bit due to a knee problem I have been getting antsy and needed to get outside and tinker with something so I decided to try the used oil truck that was mentioned by @Mopar1973Man in another thread. 

 I have plenty of used motor oil here on the farm (approx 35 gallons of it) so I mixed some with diesel to thin it out enough to be sprayed through a regular old garden sprayer. The type with a hand pump and hose with a wand. The mix worked out to be around 50/50 I believe. The diesel I used was off road diesel and seemed a bit thicker than road but maybe I imagined that, not sure.

 Anyway, mixed it in the sprayer, pumped it up and began to spray under the truck. I mainly covered the outside of the frame rails from in the wheel wells and layed on the ground to get the outside of the frame from there. I did not go down the center to get the inside of the frame just to compare later.

 The sprayer did not fan the oil like I had hoped it would it was more of a stream but it did cover and creep into tight spots pretty well. I parked the truck out in the grass afterwards to let the excess drip off. So far for money invested I can't complain. The black oil gave the frame a nice look and I've driven through rain/snow twice so far and the water just beads up, with the oil film on the metal the water does not penetrate. 

 Will this "rust proof" the truck? I suppose in a way it would by keeping moisture, salt and such away from the metal and sealing out the oxygen with the film layer hence preventing the rust.

 Would another product be better? Possibly, I have only experimented with this out if boredom for the most part but so far, for nothing really invested I feel this would be a cheap alternative and use up some of that oil you don't know what to do with.

 See pics.......




 Just as a comparison, this is the dry frame, before coating.



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  I tried to stay away from rubber parts and the exhaust pipe. Would have been easier if the spray would have fanned out like a thinner liquid would. With a stream you basically spray the top and let it run down to coat things. Maybe with more pressure and a better spray tip I could get the fan spray.


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