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When I was young all I wanted to think was eat, sleep & read  about decks, stairs,  framing, house building, commercial building, anything about how to do most parts of a home and to think creative when problem solving. It all started from growing up in areas where the houses where always close together and my dad's dream of moving to the country had planted the same idea. Unfortunately, my dad never achieved his dream since he was killed in Vietnam at just 35 years old. One day though at about 21, something clicked and in spite of a stepfather who kept telling me I'll be nothing, I decided to sell my motorcycle quit fooling around and buckled down. From that point on I had a personal goal so strong that it paved a way for me to make almost every step toward my own goal of building a home on my own land. I finally reached that goal and I must say is the most satisfying piece of history in my life. I worked harder than anyone I know.


You need to know your dream as it gives life meaning and helps gives you strength to stand up to the toughest. You eventually learn that easy and simple short cuts  aren't always as easy nor as satisfying as you thought.  Doing it right, owning up to all the uphill climb and solving them all/ mostly on your own is where it's at. If you  really want something bad enough you do get there but, That's how you learn and become strong, is the real definition  of success. I wouldn't  really want to achieve a goal in life by easy. It would have far too little meaning.

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