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Winter time tweak


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Well I'm on the road today it's snowing and cold. My engine oil temperature started to rise to 190°F which I know is a sign over advancement of timing. I pulled over and subtracted 2 degrees off the cruise timing in a few miles the engine oil temperature dropped 30 degrees back to the 160 realm again.


I know some of you got my economy tune you might want to check cruise timing to bring the oil temperature back in line.

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Mike, Do you have some timing numbers that we should be looking at or is that just too vague based on truck mods/altitude/flat road/inclined road/etc. Timing should advance or retard when going from flat ground to a climb? What are some timing numbers to shoot for when looking at best mpg? I do have your Eco tune and when we talked on the phone last spring, you said I wasn't getting into the higher timing numbers that would give me the best mileage. Today when driving to work on flat ground, 70 mph I was seeing engine load around 25+% and timing in the 17-19 range. I hand calculate my fuel use and never see over about 17.5mpg but maybe thats the best my truck can get at 70mph? At 70mph I'm right at 2000 rpm with tires size corrected in the Quad. 

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