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There is a Rat!

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Somewhere a rat is running around that is having fun killing server stuff on me. I logged in just before my surgery to change my bags and plumbing but the server had several things that were disabled. I packed my laptop but never really got a shot to get busy on that. It waited till I got home and healed for a day. I dug in and my entire Interworx server panel was dead. :wtf:Yup, I'm calling the hosting company to fix this and get it back up. Now I'm going to be spending time researching the hardening process to lock out the rats and keep them out. I'll keep you all posted on what I'm getting done... So far I'm schooling myself on how to use the oscap software provided from RedHat Linux.



PHP8 Incompatible Customizations

We are currently in the process of migrating our platform from PHP7 to PHP8 in order to provide you with the greatest level of performance and security. We've identified one or more Applications or Plugins currently installed on your site which contain PHP8 incompatible hooks and/or subclasses. In PHP8, altering overloaded method signatures within a subclass results in a fatal error which can make a site completely inoperable. Also, our hook system relies on subclasses so this change applies to hooks as well. Therefore, this code must be either replaced with an updated version, removed, or disabled from your site as soon as possible.

If you are not sure what this means, you must contact the Author of any listed Application or Plugin for an updated version. If you cannot update to a PHP8 compatible version, the Application or Plugin will have to be disabled or removed.


Even the forum is raising hell because some of the 3rd party apps on the site are not meeting the coding standards of PHP 8.x software and so there are a few 3rd Party Apps that are currently disabled for security reasons till I can deal with the updating of these apps.


So I'm working on getting this fixed up so the website is secure and protected from threats.

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