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Gentlemen, I have perused the different threads and may have possibly missed the subject. What is a logical progression for increasing HP and / or Fuel Mileage on a 24V In my case I am looking for both, power (I haul hay from the field on a 30' gooseneck) and Mileage, just cause it's gettin' 'spensive!:duh: I'm working with a 2001, 2500, 4WD, QCSB, Auto, BHAF, Straight exh., 135K mi., front end has been done. My initial sense and conversations have led me to believe that three things lead in any project.1. Air intake = BHAF2. Exhaust = opened up and increased in size depending on the extent of the project3. A fuel additive = 2 cycle oil etc. 4.?:broke:5.?:broke:Etc.:broke::broke: What should be next, logical step, and what could be potential points of reducing returns/cost for aftermarket adding to the drivetrain? I think there is probably enough HP stock to get my work done, but additional HP, with fuel economy gains would be great, if the costs will pay off.I'm not a cheap A**, but..... if it doesn't pay off, I have to consider whether it is worth the output. Business/Hobby ya know.:smart: / :hyper::hyper: I want gauges, but if a Quad/Adrin. would give me gauges and added MPG, AND HP, then it may be worth the additional expense. Lets eleminate driving habits and other human induced variables.:ahhh: What should be my next step?:smart: Ideas.....Thanks, Gary

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