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Dead pedal on 2002 cummins when the temp is above 70 degrees

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Help! I am getting a dead pedal every 20 minutes or so during driving on a 2002 Cummins only when the outside temps are above 70 degrees and the truck is really hot. When the outside temp is below 70 degrees the truck runs fine. I've reset the APPS just like I've read on this forum and I've cleaned the sensors. I am not getting in check engine lights at all. Thanks in advance for any help!

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What about codes? I dont think mine set off the CEL everytime it acted up.

Your right it won't...

apps probably or the vp44 (i think 02's have vp44's)

Your also right... We do have VP44's...

There is only 2 causes for a dead pedal...

[*]VP44 failure

[*]APPS sensor failure

How to tell which one it is... Just check for error codes then check your fuel pressure... If the error codes are for the VP44 and you fuel pressure is below specs (<10 PSI) at anytime under road load then it going to be VP44.

If you get a P0121, P0122 or P0123 then its most likely the APPS sensor. Then you can get a Timbo's APPS and replace the stock sensor with his for $160 bucks which is much cheaper than stock $450 bucks roughly...

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