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oil spray from CCV tube

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Well here is an Update to my oil spray issue I thought was comming from the CCV Tube. As it turns out most of it is comming form the CCV filter vent Housing. OK this problem stems back 2-months ago when i installed new injection pump, this is when i done the CCV design mod. from Michael's thread on Website. When I reinstalled the CCV Housing i noticed that when i tightened it to the original location {to where the stem for the hose connection was turned straight up} that it was not tight at all. when i would turn it to where it was snug the stem would be at 2:00 aclock position where i could not connect my vent hose. Yesterday i found where the oil was seeping from the bottom side of CCV housing, dripping down front cover where the fan was blowing it, "well you know the rest of the story, ALL OVER THE BOTTOM OF THE TRUCK" Now, in all my unique wisdom LOL, I desided i could tighten it a full 360 degree turn back to where the stem would be straight up. "DO I NEED TO TELL YOU ALL WHAT HAPPEN NEXT" I did not think so LOL. DOES ANYONE HAVE A CCV VENT THERE NOT USING

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