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  1. The bottom of my dip stick looks like someone put a tack weld on the end. I haven’t seen any signs of overheating. Haven’t noticed it before, is there something going on?
  2. I know the oil pressure sending units and readout are not the best in the 99 dodge rams. Mine is fine when running but drops to 0 at idle. The engine sounds perfect so I assume it's the sensor / sending unit. My question, does using fully synthetic affect this at all? I wouldn't think so but thought I'd ask.
  3. Recently my oil factory gauge drops to zero, and the check gauges comes on and the warning buzzer goes off. This can happen 3x in 1/4 mile or once in 30 miles. Checked for codes, checked oil level, recent oil change about 1500 miles ago. I am thinking it is the oil pressure sender going bad. Just wondering if there is something I am missing. Did a search on the site and can't find anything on the oil pressure sender. I have been thinking about a 4th gauge on the pillar. This might be a good time for an oil pressure gauge! Any comments are appreciated.
  4. Ok, so I heard y'all mention wanting photos and stuff on cutting open filters and checking for materials/debris inside. So, I thought I would put together a little how to for everyone. So, here is my filter cutter and an old knife that I use to cut out the pleats of the filter. I know it's not a diesel filter, but it will suffice for this how to, I place the filter in a vise to keep it stable while I am using the cutter. I remove the o-ring from the oil filter. I do this because it interferes with the cutting tool and has a tendency to roll up and get in the way. I plac
  5. I have a vacuum pump that was on truck for ten minutes, thought old one was leaking it was injection pump! Includes rebuild kit in case you ruin back seal and gaskets etc. $175.00 shipped in USAalso have one new and one used oil feed lines for pump. New line $50.00 used one $15.00, free shipping if you buy pump, if not $6.00pay pal preferredRick
  6. Which Dino oil you guys? I don't like the new 'LOW-E CJ-4 stuff so I'm lost on the right oil for my two older CTD's. A 96 and a 2002. Don't want synth:tease:. It's JUST THAT IT'S Too expensive for the regular interval oil changes.Thanks a bunch in advance . Just lost:ahhh:
  7. I spent a half hour doing searches of this forum and found nothing. I thought I remembered a thread where this conversation was on going? Anyhow, I am considering using the Baldwin BD7317 Dual Flow oil filters on our trucks (in my case a 2002 and 2001 HO Cummins B 5.9). The centrifugal bypass filter mod is on hold for awhile. Will this filter work safely? I read a number of posts in the Cummins forum that guys were already using them with good results. Any comments, suggestions, and better ideas appreciated. Thanks!
  8. i have oil in my radiator and ive checked the oil cooler. is there any other possibilities that i should check before checking the head gasket??
  9. Have a oil leak - appears to be becomming from the rear of block on drivers side behind the starter motor.WHta back there - its actually hard to see ?? I don't think its a head gasket (think its lower) ........ and don';t think its draining from the tappet cover as its too far forwad (and actually looks newish) ..... freeze plug or something ?? How hard to take off the starter motor ............. ? So I can get a better look at it Just disconnect batteries and 4 or 5 bolts etc ?? thx
  10. Need Some Suggestions on what people thing on brand and weight of oil for 5.9L?
  11. O.K Guy's...after reading guesswho's thread where he posted an Oil analysis {see below} It got me concerned and i researched the places i have been buying my oil; WalMart & Advance Auto..both carry only DELO 400LE which in the analysis was rated at the bottom The DELO400 MULTIGRADE SAE (API CI-4 Plus) was what was ranked at the top along with Valvoline/Cummins preminum Blue. I have checked on the website's of Advance Auto, SAM'S Club, Autozone,CarQuest,etc.. None of the carry the DELO400 MULTIGRADE SAE (API CI-4 Plus) Has anybody else checked this out???? Richie
  12. I heard CAT was running this - or someone ....... any good ?? Its pretty cheap right ? Specific one or just the walmart one ?? Also - I wanna stay away from FRAM at walmart - but they do a MOPAR 280 filter or something ..... can that be used ?? Any good ?? Or stay away ......(Can't do oil change at my RV park -> so thinking of just taking to wallyworld ......) :shrug:Seems to be DELO/ROTELLA/QUAKER for around $45 +tax ..... including filter .... (fram/mopar)
  13. Which Kit do you use ? How useful do you find it ? Worth doing ?
  14. Now that it is getting colder outside I'm preparing to change oil in my truck. I live in Illinois just East of St. Louis. Occasionally the temps will fall below 10*F which is out of the 15w-40 range according to the chart. I'm curious what some of you guys do regarding oil changes and viscosity? Do you change oil in the fall to 10w-30 and then again in the spring back to 15w-40? I know I can buy 5w-40 but all I've seen is a full synthetic. I only put about 6k on my personal truck in a year, so when I had my gasser I would change oil at the 3k mark. I've only got about 2500 miles on thi
  15. Now that I have money for once I am going to change out everything. I want to use the best there is. I am putting valvoline premium blue in the engine but for the trans I am debating redline/dodge dealer gold. For the axle I have no clue what is good. I am going to have to do an engine flush and change out the antifreeze and maybe drill a hole in that thermostat like I keep seeing. I will make a writeup on that since there is a question on flushing a 12V. So what do you guys think I should use? I do have one preference, it can't be amsoil
  16. This is a bit of a long read BUT it is PACKED with a LOT of very interestinig and relevant information. http://www.fleetguard.com/pdfs/training/centriguard_training.pdf
  17. I was in Napa this morning and they have Premium Blue on sale for $9.99. I don't need any (bought my supply when Oreileys had it on sale). Don't know when it goes off sale. But at that price, I figured I would pass on the info to everyone!
  18. Out of shear curiosity, how long and/or how many miles do you go before changing your oil? What oil do you use? Myself I use Amsoil 15w40 and generally go about 6000 miles before I change it. I'm still programmed to change oil every 3000 miles so it just feels wrong to even go that long! I've read where some people go a whole year between oil changes and so I would just like to start a poll and see what guys are doing! Thanks!
  19. Went to wally world tonight bought RPM Delo 400 15-40 $8.50 a gal got me 3 gallons to have on hand, and one gallon of two cyle oil.Well Only change oil once a year so that should last a while. Don't burn that much fuel so my two cycle oil should last a while.Well now that my grandson is in football my truck can get more exercise taking him to school and back
  20. Ok. Me and my dad were compairing the 24v to the common rail 24v side my side. I went and pulled the dipstick for the oil and looked at it and my dad noticed that the oil on the stick has a tinge of green in it. So we were both thinking that anti-freeze was getting into the oil some how. But here is the thing. Oil level is not raising any, oil is does not look a milky color to it, And it does not smell like anti-freeze is in there. So I thought maby there is some diesel getting in there but it does not smell like it is. Plus I am still getting same fuel milage I always have. My anti-freeze loo
  21. so at first i thought it was a leak! i have never had blow-by this bad EVER! so while i was snapping pics for the fuel/water sep i noticed this vac line...take a look at the pics...http://forum.mopar1973man.com/album.php?albumid=34 opinions please bryan
  22. What do you guys think of mixing in a gallon of Rotella T "Synthetic" to regular Rotella T at oil change time?
  23. In short, yes. Though we will not have devastating results from not using it like the next generation cummins, it does help the lift pump and all parts of the fuel system. I noticed a ticking in my lift pump one day, dumped in some 2-stroke and it fixed it right up. Another thing I noticed was it does not smoke as much in the morning with the 2-stroke. Having the timing up, the beast hates the cold and smokes like a freight train until the EGT's are over 400, but the other day, I started it and couple minutes later went back over and said uhhh, wheres the smoke! All I saw was a blue haze
  24. Have re-routed my CCV as in Mopar's pictures on Thread. i am getting a oil mist spray under trans & frame whats up with this?, Funny thing is it use's no oil between changes that i can tell. MOPAR TO THE RESCUE!
  25. this was about a 100 miles ago or alittle less one of my powersteering lines were clogged and i clean and rebled the system when i putted the fluid in it i over filled it just a little bit but i just noticed this evenin that i lost about a pint and i can not figure out where its goin and also another think i noticed was the fluid was a light brown and it smelled like oil but i putted fresh fluid in it but i dont if this is normal but i purty sure it aint
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