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Improper shifting 47re

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I have a 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel. About two months ago it had a cranking but no start issue, it happened about 5 times over 3 weeks. I got a code for crankshaft sensor so I replaced it and no more starting problems. But I also had codes PO 121, PO 236, & PO382, so I sprayed some contact cleaner into the TPS since that worked the last time when I had the problem a few years ago when I got a TPS code. However, after replacing the Crank sensor I was getting operation except for surging before shifting to 4th gear. Annoying, but not enough to search the problem yet.:banghead:About three weeks ago it started from stop like it was in third gear, when I got to 25-30 mph the truck would run fine. I had that problem a few days and now instead of going into second gear it slips out and and rpm's just go up, I let the accelerator off a couple of times and seems to connect to second gear for a second and then drops out again, if I get going fast enough to reach third gear the truck seems to run better but turbo is not working and I have a top speed of 50 mph.So far I have cleaned and reinstalled every ground I can find.Cleaned the battery terminals. Changed tranny oil and filter, readjusted the bands.Installed a new TPS and set the APPS by the instructions I found here.I am still getting the same codes:PO 121PO 236PO 382Any thoughts on this?:hyper: I would sure appreciate any feedback before taking it in.

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