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No turn signals

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Ok, I've done some searching and can't really find what Im looking for. My Blinkers started to malfunction on me lately and at first it was intermittent. Sometimes they would work and sometimes they wouldn't. This went on for a day or so and now they just don't work at all. My hazards do though. My lights are good it has something to do with just the turn signal system. Does anyone have a for sure answer as to what could be the issue? I'm definitely electronically challenged. Thanks

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For starters, check FUSE 6 (20A).

From there, pull the turn signal flasher and check for power (in ACC or RUN key position) at pin 2.

**Note: Hazard and Turn signals use separate flasher circuits..

[*]Turn Signal circuit uses pins 1 & 2

[*]Hazard Flasher circuit uses pin 3 & 4

You can also swap the hazard flasher for the turn signal flasher to verify if one of the flashers may be bad.

If that all checks out so far, then move to the turn signal switch (TSS)..

Take off the column covers to access the connector section.. TSS should have 12V constant on pin13. Pin 17 should have 12V with key in ACC/RUN position.

If that tests good, then let's move on to pin 14. This should see 12V when the brake pedal is depressed. With brake pedal depressed, you should also see 12V on pins 15 (Left Tail light, Dk GRN/RED) & 12 (Right Tail Light, BRN/PNK).

These get flash circuit interruptions once the turn signal is activated for whichever given side, as the power then gets pulled from the flasher circuit for that given signal choice; the other brake light stays illuminated through the brake circuit above.

If you have all these power inputs into the turn signal switch, but nothing coming out (turn signal-wise, then it's most-likely a switch issue.

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