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Fuel additives...

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Now I got one for all you to look at now... Go over to my MSDS page and check out all the fuel additives... Look at the MSDS listings. Remember if its toxic and can't be eaten or drank it should be listed. These listing are for emergency personal to know how to handle say a fire, poisoing, etc.Now that you looked at MSDS sheets now go over and look at the chemical listings. I've got most of the CAS# numbers and alternate names now for most chemicals. :?: QUESTIONS :?: _____________________________________________________________________________________Now tell me how many products do you see here that are lubricants??? :?: Now tell me how many are cetane boosters??? :?: Now tell me how many are consider to be injection cleaner??? :?:

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And I still wonder how after they say they read that long thread on 2 stroke oil, and some others, they can still want to use products that contain those substances!!!! The speedometer is going 100mph, but I ain't getting anywhere!!! B)

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