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Need a vendor for both Isspro EV and EV2 gauges

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Most of the guys don't sell EV gauges any more, and thanks to a mouse, I need a new EV fuel pressure gauge and an EV2 pyro. DAP doesn't seem to carry EV1s anymore so they are out.It's more than fubar'ed wiring, the pyro is toast and the fuel pressure is in pieces. I was trying to jury rig it to get the trip done and ended up breaking the bourdon tube and housing on the fuel pressure gauge while removing the compression fitting nut.I was going to go with Vulcan, as they had the best prices and actually carried the EV line of gauges still. However, their shopping cart won't let me check out and seems to be having issues. Genos still carries EVs, but their prices are crazy... I could go full EV2 for less than they want for their EVs.Thanks!

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