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AC light blinks non-stop

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I would assume it would be part of the central timer computer like on the 2nd gens (if this still holds true).

I don't know if that's the case or not Mike.

pic of the climate control? or a vid of the blinking?

Here's what the climate control looks like:

Posted Image

the two LEDs above each of the right buttons are what blinks

That's the same configuration that I have in my '04.5. No blinking here, which leads me to think of bad switches or frayed wires letting power go to the LED.

Does it blink in a rhythmic manner or voluntary??

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I cant find it in the service manual. The only thing I found was the a/c light flashing during a a/c performance test that is performed with the drb. If the test fails, then the light keeps flashing. I would probably try unhooking the batteries and ground out the power wire to drain all the memories. And also unhook the hvac controller and see if there are any burnt wires or pins.

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